Nokia Maps 3.06 - Where on my Nokia Symbian device is the location data stored and who can access it?

All location data on the smartphone is stored either in a protected area of memory which is designed to prevent access by other applications, or stored in encrypted form. Some of this data may be backed up to a PC to enable the device to be restored to a previous state, for example when device firmware is updated.

In addition to the details above; location data created by the positioning capabilities may be used as explained below. Note that applications can only make use of the actual location calculated by the positioning methods, they cannot access the location information stored on the device.

Drive navigation data collected when the consumer has chosen to use Drive navigation in Maps is sent to Nokia when using the Maps service online, or when the smartphone is connected to a PC through the Nokia Suite or Map Loader applications or when using Wi-Fi.

Nokia has implemented technical and organizational measures to prevent location information related to our positioning methods from being used to identify, profile or to establish the location history of any consumer. Information is stored and processed on secured servers.

Since 2004, Symbian platform security has controlled application access to smartphone capabilities. If an un-signed application tries to use positioning features of the smartphone, the operating system requests the consumer’s explicit consent before allowing access.