Nokia Maps 3.09 - What should I do if Nokia Car Mode MirrorLink connection is not working?

If the MirrorLink connection between your phone and the car unit is not working, check the following:

  • Check that you have Nokia Car Mode application installed in your phone.
  • Check that your phone is properly connected via USB to the car unit. Disconnect the USB cable and check that the Nokia Suite USB mode is selected on your phone (Settings > Connectivity > USB). Then connect the USB cable again.
  • Switch off and restart the phone and the car unit.
  • Reset the car unit if the unit has a reset switch.
  • If you have an antivirus software protecting your phone and blocking the external connections, try disabling the software while using the Mirrorlink connection.

Note that Sony XAV-601BT, XAV-W601BT, XAV-701BT, XAV-701HD and XAV-741 will automatically launch an application depending on the state of the parking brake. Nokia Car Mode is launched when the vehicle is in motion, whereas the phone home screen is launched and visible when the vehicle is parked.