Nokia Maps 3.09 - Walk

Learn how to navigate on foot.

Walk to your destination


When you need directions to follow a route on foot, Maps guides you over squares, and through parks, pedestrian zones, and even shopping centers.

Select maps-icon.jpg.

  1. Select a place and its info area at the top of the screen.

  2. Select Navigate > Walk here.

By default, the map is oriented to north.

Rotate the map to your walking direction

Select Compass icon. To rotate the map back to north, select Compass icon again.

You can also select what type of route you want walk navigation to follow.

Select the walking mode

  1. Select Options icon > Settings > Maps & Walk > Route settings.

  2. Select Preferred route > Streets or Straight line.

    Straight line is useful on off-road terrain as it shows the walking direction.

While walking, you can check the dashboard for info, such as how far you have walked and what your average speed has been.

Check the tripmeter from the dashboard

In the walk navigation view, select Options icon > Dashboard.

Reset the tripmeter

Select Options icon > Reset. To reset all counters, select Options icon > Reset all.

The trip meter may not be accurate, depending on the availability and quality of your GPS connection.

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Change the voice guidance language for walking

Walk voice guidance language

You can easily change the language for voice guidance, or switch it off completely.

Select maps-icon.jpg.

Select Options icon > Settings > Maps & Walk > Voice guidance and a language.

Voice guidance may not be available for your language.

Switch voice guidance off

Select Options icon > Settings > Maps & Walk > Voice guidance > None.

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