Nokia Suite 3.8 - What happens to the apps I have downloaded from Nokia Store when I update my phone software to Nokia Belle?

If you have downloaded Nokia apps or 3rd party apps from Nokia Store and installed them on a memory card or in the mass memory of your phone, the apps are kept safe during the software update to Nokia Belle. But if some additional information relating to the app has been stored in the phone memory, the info is lost and you have to start using the app from scratch. If an app is installed in phone memory, that is, the C drive of your phone, it will be backed up and restored during the software update if the developer of the software has registered for this service. Both Nokia apps and 3rd party apps can do this, but it is not mandatory. It is also possible that the app on the phone doesn’t work on Nokia Belle and is therefore lost.  It then requires re-download of the app if it is already available for Nokia Belle.