Public Transport - How do I plan a journey in Nokia Public Transport for Symbian?

You can plan a journey in the following way:

  • Select Journey planner.
  • Enter the start address in the upper field (or accept Here if starting from current location).
  • Enter the destination address in the lower field.
  • To change the start time of the journey, select Tools icon (lower right corner) and set the Depart or Arrive time. Scroll the date, hour and minutes columns for the desired departure or arrival time.
  • To select the preferred transport modes, select All transport modes (all modes selected by default).

The journey planner menu shows the proposed public transport routes. The red bar indicates the current time. The time on the left side of the journey shows the time remaining before start. The time on the right side shows the total time of the journey.

To view the journey details, tap the journey. The following details are shown:

  • Time remaining before start, Number of transfers, Total travel time (top row).
  • Transport modes. To view the line information with intermediate stops, tap the transport row.
  • Station names and the departure and arrival times. Tap the station name to view the facilities available at the station.
  • Walking distances and estimated walking times.

To get walk guidance to a station, tap the Walk part of the journey. Walk guidance is provided by the Nokia Maps application.