Review and ratings for the Nokia Lumia 610

Nokia Lumia 610
Nokia Lumia 610 2.4 5 16 16
Its a good phone though Wish you had a setting for disabling the little vibrations when i tap on the Back, Search and The Menu buttons. I guess they contribute to faster battery drainage. I charge the phone everyday which isnt a good idea especialy when the phone is new. The camera is a 5megapixel but my old Nokia 5230(with 2megapix) takes better pictures especialy indoors. You could have done better. Another thing it doesnt support USSD which then means i cant do my cellphone banking anymore, thats a bad supprise guess you should do something about this. Generally all else works well. Its a good phone 16 August 2012
not something to brag about it doesn't function like a smartphone or doesn't do what a smartphone is expected to do.e.g. no cellphone banking .the USSD codes do not work Many apps can't be installed because its ram is low, The battery life is very poor Its memory is limited(no external memory slot. Its bluetooth has decay i hate the fact that the songs must be converted to ringtones before setting them as ringtones. I HATE THIS PHONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The positive thing about this phone is the speed. 20 December 2012
Slow Slow slow I went from blackberry to nokia , thinking that nokia was as good as always and that im tiered of blackberry . WHAT A MISTAKE !!!! The lumia 610 is so slow , i cant believe that such tecnologie can stil be this slow . Really , send me new software or something for this phone pls . I like the phone but its slow . 02 April 2013
Its a nice phone,very sleak. i find the battery life very poor and i only use it for calls mainly very disappointed. bluetooth connection is with another Lumia. thats bad 30 October 2012
Poor Performance and very slow processing speed Lumia 610 looks cool but not user friendly. none of the apps are performing better when compared with Android. 25 November 2012
the phone is very smooth its a very good phone, i like the speed of the phone the it really does the things u want it to do out of 10 i give it an 8. But the bluetooth is very limiting and the fact that i dont have video calling that just kills it for me. But it does everything beautifully i still love it 10 September 2012
bluetooth not good enough all things would have been great if and only if i can transfer files over my bluetooth, where is my independence nokia is known for, honestly i wish could do more. 30 November 2012
great phone, just limited. the lumia610 is a wonderful phone, but the fact that it doesnot have a file transfer protocol, limits the phone.that means the bluetooth is limited to certain functionalities. yet nokia could implement an update to counteract this issue....overrall the phone perform splendid. 17 October 2012
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