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Nokia Lumia 710
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Disappointed Seeing that technology has progressed to much in the last few years I am extremely disappointed with the phone. Firstly you can't use your own music as ringtones (that is going back to the 1st phones that came out). Secondly the user manual doesn't explain the stuff properly. I have followed every step of how to create your own ringtone with your music according to the manual and it doesn't work. The battery life is only half a day and I am not on the internet or on the phone a lot. I got the phone as a gift because I liked the look of it. It is a complicated phone and for everything you want to do you need to download an application at cost to do it. If I had a choice I would return this phone and rather use another brand although I have been using Nokia phones for many years. I have actually given up on trying to work this phone, even my son that usually gets me going on new phones couldn't sort my problems out for me. It seems to me that you guys may have progressed by using Windows on the phone but all the other features are out dated. I have also checked for updates to see if it will change or help in every way but it doesn't. Please sort this out soon or otherwise it will be a phone against the wall and no future Nokia recommendations from me to friends and family. 13 June 2012
Very disappointing I have stuck with Nokia for my last few phones. Mostly because of the ease of transfer of contacts. So - what I wanted : a phone with GPS(sort of ok), I expected to transfer my contacts easily by SIM card transfer or Bluetooth or via USB cable to OVI suite, I expected to be able to transfer pictures by Bluetooth or USB cable and looking at the reviews and Nokia advertising material I was assured that my expectations could be met. However none of these methods work. The Sim card on the new phone is a microSim card - so the Sim transfer is out. The Bluetooth protocol on the 710 does not recognise the Bluetooth protocol on either my old E71 phone or my laptop. The USB connection to my laptop does work but OVI suite which my old phone is backed up to does not/is not supported by the 710. So I am stuck and am certainly not going to and shouldn't have to manually reconstitute my contacts list. 21 June 2012
This product is dissappointing Everything that I used to do on my Nokia-E5 I cannot do on this phone.(transferring of contacts, photos bluetooth excetra excetera) I have only had this phone for 2 days and I can already kick myself for taking out a contract on this phone and now I can't even return it. In a time of ever growing technology I am VERY DISSAPOINTED in this Nokia product. Will never ever buy a nokia again if this is the standard going forward. Will also not reccomend nokia to anyone else. 26 October 2012
Very disappointing phone This phone is absolutely dissapointing. I have used Nokia for more than 10 years now and I loved it's simplicity until I bought this one. I am actually taking it back to the store and look for another brand. I can't transfer my contacts, music or pictures from my old phone using the bluetooth and the battery life is just as disappointing. 21 August 2012
Excellent budget windows phone (and can update to WP 7.8) This phone now retails at a ridiculously low price, and is great value for money. The low reviews on here are misleading. This phone has better specs than the Lumia 610, as it features the 1.4Ghz processor from the Lumia 800. I love the UI and I can't wait for the Windows Phone 7.8 update. Overall, this is a well-made handset and with services like Nokia Music and Xbox Live providing a great experience. 25 January 2013
The worst phone I ever had It doesn't help we complain nothing happens 03 December 2012
lumia 710 pathetic phone against competitors I was happy to receive my nokia at first. I even waited till the phone was in stock. I have always been a nokia fan, till now. I can't purchase data bundles!!! what is the use of that? I will never buy a nokia again. Not being able to use your music as ringtones.... What's up with that? I cannot make use of my service provider's self services.I seriously wish had I read the reviews before taking out a contract on this phone. Waste of money, next phone will be a samsung, or anything that doesnt involve windows or have the name nokia. 22 December 2012
Good value for money! I simply love the social networking perspective to the Lumia 710. Its a phone that keeps me connected to business contacts, friends and family. I cannot wait to get my hands on the phone running WP8! 08 August 2012
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