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Nokia Lumia 900
Nokia Lumia 900 2.8 5 12 12
Terrible Phone! I was using E7 and I thing it was a better phone! No bluetooth file transfer on this phone! No USB on the GO! One can't tranfer files from previos phone to these phone other than going via computer! Could Nokia please update software to accomodate some basics use of the cell phone listed above, perhaps this device could be somewhat useful 23 July 2012
No "mobile" phone basic features Honestly this phone decided to exclude the very simple basic features of a mobile phone. Coming from my Nokia 1100 to Lumia 900 you would understand what I mean. - My battery last for 8hrs maximum on Battery Saver, takes 6hrs to get fully charged, more or less the phone stays on the charger the whole day. The phone is only two weeks old. Everything has been disabled, so this phone just sits there and next it is off without anyone touching it. What it does? I've no idea. - No home screen? Basic stuff - Can't forward a song you can only go next or previous? Basic stuff - Can't set a song as ringing tone? Basic stuff - At least 5 clicks before I can make a phone call? Basic stuff - Set an alarm and the battery is gone? Basic stuff - Phone call comes, I've to slide down then choose Answer or Reject call? - I have to own a computer with Zune installed to transfer files? That's quiet an expensive move! If you turn on the features on this phone then the battery is gone in just an hour, so the question is: What is this phone supposed to be used for? I've loved Nokia for their User Friendliness and this product is a true and precise face drop, waste of money and they should stop selling it because it's unusable for a "mobile" phone! Don't go on a trip with this device it will certainly let you down! But maybe Nokia should start loading the Belle operating system on the Lumia's? Because Windows has failed to make any good use of this hardware. It looks nice and fancy, see inside, it's a tear drop. 13 November 2012
Lacks some important functionalities. 1. phone it too bulky at 160g -its almost impossible to hold comfortably with one hand. 2. Does not support *120*321# etc. unless you use that emDial app which need an active data connection to work. so if you stuck with no airtime, you can not use FNB's *130*321# to load airtime. 3. Then its the bluetooth disability. 4. App store still lacks important south african apps like FNB, Discovery apps etc. cannot live without these. 5. I like the nokia navigation though. comes handy, its got not traffic support for south africa. destination search method is poor. you can not go to part of a map, touch on the map and select "navigate to" 6. Phone reception is however very good compared to my iPhone 4. 7. High data usage. 15 November 2012
Excellent phone Real value for money. 08 August 2012
still short of being a busisness phone. no way better than my N97 Mini. I'll settle for a E7 when I upgrade. 11 October 2012
worse nokia I have owned Well it is hard to review a phone that does'nt use a proper telephone user interface nokia suite etc this phone uses zune mp3 player wow what a bummer Next Nokia cannot or will not let user know if windows is upgradable to W7.5 or W8.0 so ! The only great thing about the lumia 900 is the drive function cannot save sms's into folders cannot tranfer messages from from my E72 (Lumia is back in box rather use the E 72) There is more but what the heck will sell it and go back to symbian platform 01 October 2012
I love Nokia phones bt this is BAD I am so disappointed, i am a loyal customer of Nokia but this phone is a BAD. i bought Nokia 900 Lumia last week and i am willing to sell it if i get a buyer, PLEASE ANY1. Its still in the box with all papers 24 March 2013
limited standard usage no standard blue tooth functions no choice of own notification tones phone freezes while charging.thus no calls can be made,very poor. 13 November 2012
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