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Changing the way people connect with the world

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Nokia Bell Labs is a leading research organization in information technology and communications. Following the acquisition of Alcatel Lucent in 2016, Bell Labs became an integral part of Nokia and continues setting the global standard in research and innovation. Our scientists and engineers are dedicated to exploring and inventing technologies that shape the future of how we live, work and communicate with each other.

In the 1920s, Bell Labs focused on sound, sight and speech technologies for AT&T phones. Since then, we’ve entered many more domains, including computing and wireless technologies, digital communications systems and microelectronics. We’ve delivered on the promise of universal telephone service in the early 20th century, and are now focusing on expanding network capacities for today’s data-driven, connected world - all the while seeking to lower the economic and environmental impact of the technologies we create.

This means we’re pushing the boundaries of smart networks with new advances in copper, wireless and optical communications. Sharing and compressing data for faster, more seamless ways of communicating are also being explored. While the global consumption of digital content and services continues to increase, our aim is to help mobile operators meet these demands.

Throughout its 90+ year history, Nokia Bell Labs’ mission of solving great industry challenges with disruptive inventions for an improved quality of life, remains true to this day.

We believe the best way of predicting the future is to invent it.

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