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Licensing opportunities

Enhance your products and grow your business with our industry-leading patent portfolio and technologies.

Nokia is a technology leader. With more than three decades of innovation in telecommunications and multimedia, we continue to pioneer and develop the technologies that power the smartphone industry, consumer electronics, video streaming, connected vehicles, and the wider internet of things.

As result of our continuous R&D investment we have built an industry leading portfolio of Standard Essential Patents (SEPs), which we license under fair, reasonable, and non-discriminatory (FRAND) principles. We have also achieved the highly respected ISO 9001 certification for Nokia's high-quality patent portfolio management.

Through our patent, technology and brand licensing programs you can license our patented inventions and proprietary software to enhance your products and leverage our brand to raise your profile and grow your business.

Whether you need to license our patent portfolio, want to build our software into your products, or want to explore brand licensing opportunities, we have a program to help you.

Nokia’s inventions are implemented into a billion new devices every year

Patent licensing

Patent licensing enables other companies to build on our innovation without having to make their own investments in R&D. Through our patent licensing programs we provide authorized access to our industry leading portfolio of Standard Essential Patents (SEPs), which we license under FRAND terms. 

Our experts can help you to enter into a patent licensing agreement, so that you can enhance your products with standards-compliant connectivity, video processing and beyond. 

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Technology licensing

Through technology licensing we share our proprietary Nokia OZO audio and playback technologies with mobile device and camera manufacturers to help them deliver the best immersive audio and visual experiences. The clarity of our latest Immersive Voice technology is now available for live voice calls, enterprise features and industrial applications. 

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FRAND licensing works

We believe in a fair licensing approach that strikes a balance between the needs of those who develop and contribute technologies to standards and those who implement them. This is achieved through FRAND licensing of SEPs. 

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Explore our innovations

Innovation is and has always been a part of our DNA. Browse our interactive innovations gallery to see how we have shaped the communications industry.

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The power of sharing innovation

"The best way to predict the future is to create it"