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smart city

Smart communities

Your community, their future

Smart community networks offer the promise of greener, prosperous, more inclusive communities for all citizens. 

Many communities, amid their smart city transformation, are realizing that to capture the full benefits of their initiatives, robust broadband connectivity provides the foundation they need.

The foundation built on reliable and pervasive broadband allows communities to take advantage of digital services that utilize leading technologies like IoT, automation, machine learning, the metaverse and more.  

With Nokia network technologies, communities can benefit from a high-performance network foundation and robust government-grade platform to fuel the continued economic and social growth of their community.

Our solutions help you create greener, more innovative and thriving communities that extend the benefits of broadband to all citizens, visitors and enterprises who call your city “home”.


Smart city: last mile development in the Netherlands

Nokia Smart Communities network architecture

Smart Communities networks harness technologies such as IoT, edge computing, cloud, artificial intelligence, machine learning, augmented and virtual reality, and high-performance networking - including 5G - to drive dramatic productivity improvements across a wide range of city services.

With robust, pervasive broadband in place, you can extend new opportunities throughout your communities by interconnecting your systems, processes, activities and citizens.

  • Ease the flow of cars and people with smart mobility services. Simplify bus connections. Offer a real-time view of available parking. Monitor crowds in public venues
  • Use energy resources more efficiently in homes and businesses, as well as for public lighting
  • Enhance public safety with video-surveillance analytics, an integrated command and control center, and enhanced communications for first responders
  • Improve healthcare in your city with remote monitoring applications, while keeping costs under control
  • Enhance the fun and safety of community events, drive tourism and improve experiences for all visitors

Business applications

Increase efficiency and responsiveness while reducing operating costs with applications that unify the orchestration and management of smart city services, devices and applications.

  • Integrated Operations Center

    Streamline operations, improve situational awareness and shorten response times by gaining real-time visibility of your assets and services

  • IoT for Smart Communities

    Use the IoT to improve quality of life, foster economic growth and deliver on eco-sustainability initiatives

  • Stadium and entertainment venues

    Improve revenue, security and visitor satisfaction by bringing smart broadband experiences to sports venues, stadiums and concert halls

  • Healthcare

    Empower hospitals and clinics to use intelligent infrastructures and digital technologies to reduce costs and support better patient care

Digital value platforms


High-performance networking

Dynamic security

Accelerate digital-era success with the power of intelligent networks

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