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Mission-critical WAN for Industries

Build a WAN for your current and emerging communications

Nokia mission-critical WAN solutions help you build a secure, reliable, scalable, and flexible communications infrastructure to serve your vital operations and business services.

Our WAN infrastructure lets you converge all application traffic on one network with assured QoS and advanced security. It can help you reduce OPEX, preserve the integrity of your legacy communications applications, and support new applications.

We provide WAN solutions for organizations in many industries, including transportation, energy, government, healthcare, finance, education, and other enterprises. We can help you meet essential communications and business needs with a WAN that combines the best of IP/MPLS, optical, and microwave technologies.


To deliver multiple services over one network

Deterministic QOS

To ensure necessary network and application performance

Bridging past to future

To support IP, Ethernet and legacy TDM

Rigorous security

To safeguard traffic and the network

High availability

To support mission critical applications without interruptions

Simplified management

To enable efficient operations

Succeed with a complete WAN solution

Our mission-critical WAN solutions combine field-proven products from our IP routing, optical, and microwave portfolios. You can choose the components you need and work with our experts to adapt them to address your mission-critical operations and business communication requirements.

Nokia can help you deploy a next-generation WAN for your mission-critical applications. Our WAN solutions let you converge all your communications traffic onto one secure, reliable, scalable, and flexible network. We work with you every step of the way, from network consulting to design, architecture, project management, deployment, integration, and migration. With our help, you can build a WAN that reduces OPEX, preserves your legacy applications, and makes it easier to support new applications.

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