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Pioneering the evolution of networks

This is Nokia, but not as the world has seen us before. Our new visual identity reflects who we are today – a B2B technology innovation leader pioneering digital transformation. We’re driving the future where networks meet cloud to accelerate digitalization across every industry and maximize the opportunities it offers.

Along with our new visual identity is ‘the power of n’ – this is how we will communicate our vision to the world. The n stands for the exponential potential of networks. The networks that Nokia is pioneering that have the power to transform the way we all live and work.

Networks are the catalysts for change, fueling the innovation that can transform businesses, society and the world. And they have the exponential potential to solve some of the biggest challenges we face today whilst offering organizations new ways to achieve their sustainability goals.

Discover more about the new visual identity and why Nokia is driving the evolution of networks from our CEO, Pekka Lundmark.

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Inventing the future of technology

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