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Imagine a world with #NoBoundaries

See what's possible

Let’s build a future that’s sustainable, productive and inclusive with #NoBoundaries​

Faced with ever-changing customer demands in such a fast-moving world, now is the time to break down barriers and achieve the impossible. Remove the obstacles that hold back your business and explore new ways to drive revenue growth and business opportunities. ​

  • Metaverse – prepare for the next step towards an immersive future. ​​
  • Industry 4.0 – benefit from greater efficiency, agility, and productivity with connected technology.​ ​​
  • Monetization – meet the needs of the 5G economy and earn revenue from every opportunity.​
  • Sustainability – use smarter technology to boost productivity and cut carbon emissions.​
  • Openness – collaborate with partners to enable faster, market-responsive innovation.​

See what’s possible in the digitalized world by exploring the full potential of #NoBoundaries.​

Imagine a world with #NoBoundaries

Discover how to make #NoBoundaries a reality

real insights

Real Insights

In our Real Insights content, we offer unique perspectives with #NoBoundaries

real conversations

Real Conversations

In our Real Conversations podcast, we have expert discussions with #NoBoundaries 

real action

Real Action

In our Real Action influencer series we build better futures with #Noboundaries

real talk

Real Talk

In our Real Talk virtual events, we connect ideas with #NoBoundaries

Solve your challenges with #NoBoundaries

Whatever strategic or operational challenges you’re looking to solve, whatever limits you’re determined to push, Nokia is here to help. We provide the technology and solutions to unlock new revenues, enable new partnerships, advance digital inclusion and build a more sustainable future. Explore these areas to get started.

night road

Technology for the future

Explore the direction and drivers of technological change – and the opportunities for societies and economies to tackle global challenges.

mobile networks- airscale

Unleash mobile network capacity

Activate massive 5G capacity

Software as a Service (SaaS)

Begin your journey to Telecom SaaS

See how SaaS can create a digitized business experience with an automated service lifecycle for CSPs.

network heroes

Deliver future broadband with no boundaries

Create a future-proof broadband network that connects more people, more quickly, and more profitably than ever before

industry 4.0

Make your enterprise ready 4.0 anything

Explore how our purpose-designed networks for Industry 4.0 digitalization and beyond deliver capabilities for all sorts of industry verticals and cross-technology solutions.

woman working in factory

Build a smarter future with private wireless

Power your digital transformation with our industrial-grade private wireless solutions.

Meet the Boundary Breakers

The duo designing the future of farming

Case IH is already a technological leader in Brazilian agriculture with its Advanced Farming Systems (AFS). The company is committed to aiding the development of digital agriculture by working collaboratively to help farmers adopt new technologies. With no single reliable source where farmers could seek help to transform their farms digitally, the team at CASE IH realized that they should be the ones driving it. But how, and more importantly, where? That’s when they came up with the idea of the connected farm.

Verizon- Tami Erwin

The natural born leader at Verizon Business

How Tami Erwin leveraged courage and compassion to build Verizon Business into a customer-centric engine driving the future of business.


The digital trailblazer at e&

How Hatem Dowidar is transforming e& from a telecom giant to become a global technology and investment powerhouse.

Yago Lopez

The 5G project pioneer at TPG Telecom

How Yago Lopez is pioneering 5G innovation across Australia despite a complex merger, technological challenges and a pandemic.

Patrick Delcoigne-Proximus

The visionary innovator at Proximus

How Patrick Delcoigne is driving sustainable broadband at Proximus to create a positive impact and enrich peoples’ lives.

Rodrigo Abreu-Oi Brazil

The turnaround king at Oi Brazil

How Rodrigo Abreu broke boundaries to transform Oi Brazil – and redefined what a telecoms firm can be.

Sami Komulainen- Elisa

The game changer at Elisa

How Sami Komulainen challenged established thinking and brought new automation standards to Elisa’s network.

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vision for an open future

Networks 2030: A vision for an open telecoms future

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