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Leadership and governance


Board of Directors

The operations of Nokia are managed under the direction of the Board of Directors, with Sari Baldauf serving as the Board Chair. The Board members are elected at least annually at each Annual General Meeting. To assist in its duties, the Board has four committees.


Meet our Board

Our executive team

Our President and CEO Pekka Lundmark chairs Nokia’s Group Leadership Team. The Group Leadership Team is responsible for Nokia’s business development and operative management in accordance with the instructions of the Board of Directors.


Meet our leadership team

Pekka Lundmark

Corporate governance

Nokia’s corporate governance practices comply with Finnish laws and regulations, Nokia’s Articles of Association, the Finnish Corporate Governance Code 2020, and corporate governance standards of the following stock exchanges: Nasdaq Helsinki, Euronext Paris and the New York Stock Exchange (“NYSE”).

The Finnish Corporate Governance Code is available at The corporate governance rules that are applicable to foreign private issuers under section 303A of the New York Stock Exchange Listed Company Manual are available at NYSE Rules.