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Ozo audio - shooting fireworks with mobile

Technology licensing

Create stunning multimedia experiences with our software

For more than 30 years, we have been inventing and productizing audio and visual technologies that improve smart devices and provide compelling new user experiences. Our technology licensing team works with device manufacturers, solving their toughest product and technology challenges, and enabling them to incorporate our technologies in their products.

By using our technologies, manufacturers can:

  • Differentiate their products with innovative features
  • Provide more immersive and compelling user experiences to customers
  • Shorten time to market by building on Nokia’s research and development (R&D) investment.

Our technology licensees include well-known brands for smart devices, and consumer and professional cameras.

Two highlights of our technology licensing opportunities are the OZO portfolio of technology products, which enables next-generation sound recording, editing and playback; and the Nokia HEIF Library, which takes image storage to the next level.

Technologies available for licensing

Discover some of the technologies that are available to incorporate in your products today. We continue to invest in R&D. As new inventions emerge from the labs, we plan to expand the technology licensing opportunities here.

Immersive soundscapes with OZO technologies

OZO Audio is the next generation of sound recording. This software produces spatial audio that sounds amazing, so hearing it feels just like being there. OZO Audio also enables users to focus on the sounds they want, and screen out the sounds they don’t, during recording or afterwards.

OZO Audio features include, among others:

  • Audio 3D, to capture immersive spatial soundtracks
  • Audio Focus, to track and isolate the hero sound source
  • Audio Zoom, to get close to the sound that matters most
  • Audio Windscreen, to increase clarity in windy conditions
  • Audio Tune, to fine-tune the recording after capture
  • Audio Detect, to help voice assistants work in the real world.

OZO Playback features include:

  • Playback Panorama for loudspeakers, to play truly stunning audio through the device’s speakers
  • Playback Panorama for headphones, to surround the listener with sound.

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Improve image quality with HEIF

The high-efficiency image file format (HEIF) can dramatically improve image capture and storage. The Nokia HEIF Library provides encoder and decoder software for incorporation in devices such as cameras and phones. Nokia contributed to the ISO/IEC 23008-12 image standards and continues to develop new image management technologies.

The Nokia HEIF Library can read and write:

  • Still images, cover images, and audio tracks
  • Image sequences, including image bursts that help users to capture the moment
  • Unprocessed and processed images, stored in the same file
  • Additional information such as depth maps, alpha channel, rotation, overlay and grid view.

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Explore our technology licensing opportunities

For more information on how you can license Nokia software for your products, please contact us.