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OZO goes mainstream in 2020

OZO goes mainstream in 2020

2020 has been a landmark year for so many reasons. But, aside from the obvious challenges and turmoil the year has brought, humanity in general has learned and adapted so much to navigate the pandemic. Never before has the global community been forced to undertake such drastic actions that have strained the fabric of normal life.

But in doing so, we’ve come to find some assurance in technologies that help us find community, bridge divides and preserve the essence of human interaction from a distance. OZO is an audio technology from Nokia, breaking new ground in audio capture and playback. Our vision in creating it was to allow people to feel closer with life-like audio capture and playback – audio that transports you to other places with unparalleled immersion. In a time when the world is keeping physically distant, we’ve come to find increasing interest from customers looking to fulfill the promise of better audio experiences that help their consumers feel closer and more connected.

A year of firsts

Looking back at the year, OZO has made huge strides with the introduction of enhancements in both capture and playback technologies. We’ve implemented OZO in an array of new categories and devices. For instance, OZO made debuts in the vlogging world with the launch of Panasonic’s Lumix G100 camera, and in gaming with ASUS’ ROG Phone 3 widening its presence in the younger consumer segment. At the same time, OZO has extended its footprint in the traditional smartphone category with brands like OPPO, OnePlus and Nokia (HMD Global), representing implementations in both existing, as well as new smartphone customers.

Smart devices getting smarter

The world is quickly coming to rely on voice-assisted technologies. We’re seeing a significant uptick in consumer adoption, driving considerable interest from vendors looking to continually enhance performance. Those device makers recognize that better audio in, creates a better performing and more reliable voice assistant experience. OZO Audio is leading the way in bridging the invaluable link between spoken audio and voice assistant performance.

Audio for 5G

The age of 5G is also in full swing and with it, new possibilities for immersive audio. For working professionals newly thrust into a work-from-home norm, they’ll see radical enhancements in more immersive conferencing tools with spatial audio experiences that bring workers together like never before.

If 2020 has been a year of universal challenges and learnings, 2021 will prove to be a banner year for OZO we continue to apply and adapt our innovative audio technologies to a transformed, but stronger world. OZO re-envisions how we interact with our audio in new and intuitive ways, and we can’t wait to share the strides we’ve made in the upcoming months.

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