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OZO playback

Stereo widening journeys with OZO Playback

Immersive audio playback experience for smart devices

OZO Playback gives listeners a level of clarity and immersion previously confined to home entertainment and cinema audio. Get a deeper, stronger, louder sound that adapts to the local environment and equalizes the sound levels of its device accordingly.

The videos. The songs. The things that make us laugh as we go about our days. OZO Audio replicates life's sounds with vibrant accuracy to deliver audio capture solutions for a wide range of smart devices.

Add depth and detail with spatial audio technology, zoom into the finer details and let users add finesse to content after the event. Unleash the power of OZO and allow stories to be told in new ways.

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3D sound for smart devices

Sounds in sync with your surroundings with OZO’s Adaptive Loudness

OZO Playback turns the days of tinny sound and unresponsive equalization into things of the past. Stereo Widening uses intelligent processing to broaden the sound and create a spatial audio playback experience that is exciting and immersive. Bass Enhancement uses virtual low frequencies to add real oomph to the device's low end. Loudness Optimization utilizes every ounce of the device’s hardware to surpass expectations.  

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OZO Playback Features


Bass Enhancement 

Low frequencies that go beyond the device's 'natural' loudspeaker capabilities. Available in mono and stereo.


Loudness Optimization

Get the full loudspeaker potential out of the device's hardware. Available in mono and stereo.



Equalized headphones or loudspeaker output for optimal balance (also available with dynamic presets).

Stereo widening

Stereo Widening

Spatial listener experience for stereo loudspeakers and headphone playback.


OZO Audio Optimization

Uses OZO Audio metadata to create an exceptional listening experience on stereo loudspeaker.

Adaptive loudness

Adaptive Loudness

Audio Sound levels adapt to both noise environment and content type. Music, audiobooks and podcasts are processed to ensure the listener gets the most out of them whilst in noisy environments.


The power of OZO in your device

When you select OZO to power your device's audio capture or playback, you don't just provide your customers with the most complete audio experience-you get decades of expertise and first-class service from Nokia too. Find out what it means to be an OZO partner.

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