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Compact size is not a barrier to sound performance

Compact size is not a barrier to sound performance

OZO Audio has always been a product with a clear vision – bringing the power of audio to users across a broad spectrum of mobile devices. ASUS have utilized OZO Audio’s surround sound recording capabilities in their brand new Zenfone 10, enabling customers to capture the full audio landscape of their surroundings. It brings depth, direction and detail to user-generated content. This level of audio fits in well with the other significant upgrades offered by the Zenfone 10, like the advanced 144Hz* AMOLED display and the new Adaptive EIS electronic image stabilization.

ASUS Zenfone 10 is the latest generation of their 5.9" smartphone, packing a punch despite its compact size. It's powered by the Snapdragon® 8 Gen 2 Mobile Platform, along with the latest LPDDR5X memory and UFS 4.0 ROM technologies for superior performance.

OZO Audio uses spatial audio capture technology to make your audience feel they are right there with you. It captures and delivers a natural 3D sound experience and high fidelity audio with a spatial accuracy of one degree. Capture the full sonic richness in depth, direction, and detail without missing a moment.

Immerse yourself in sound

“We are delighted to be able to bring the immersive sound-recording capabilities of OZO Audio to Zenfone 10,” says Shawn Chang, ASUS Phone BU Marketing and Sales Director. “This phone is packed with features that allow users to share their experiences with friends and followers—such as the 6-Axis Hybrid Gimbal Stabilizer 2.0 for rock-steady video footage—and OZO Audio perfectly complements this.”

OZO’s features such Audio Windscreen help ensure footage is matched with audio that doesn’t get drowned out by the sounds of the elements.

Clear the air with crisper audio

Audio Windscreen lets users capture crystal-clear audio quality in less-than-ideal conditions. Sophisticated wind detection algorithms identify and automatically adjust suppression processing to suit the wind noise conditions. It ensures audio remains clear even when conditions are not.

Nokia OZO brings an immersive audio experience to a wide number of mobile devices, both for consumer and professional use. Visit to discover more or download the brochure here.

*The 144 Hz refresh rate can only be enabled in Game Genie while playing mobile games. 

Marton Bialko

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Marton manages Nokia Technologies’ marketing, this includes the global campaigns of the patent licensing business which is responsible for managing and monetizing Nokia’s industry-leading patent portfolio. He also promotes Nokia OZO’s next-generation audio and video technologies. In his free time, Marton enjoys playing squash and hiking in nature.

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