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A crowd in a stadium

Stadiums, arenas and entertainment venues

Stage the spectacles fans will never forget

A stadium is more than a venue: it’s a cultural center, hosting sports, music, and arts and bringing people together from all over the world.

To thrive as a social hub and attract the biggest events, your stadium must offer exceptional experiences for guests as well as retailers, vendors, staff and the sports, entertainment and business organizations that choose it.

By equipping your stadium, arena or entertainment venue with right technologies and applications — and, crucially, the right connectivity — you can delight fans with revolutionary experiences that keep them coming back.  Empower media and retail partners and host organizations to deliver experiences that delight their audience, while at the same time making your facilities more efficient, productive and profitable. 

At Nokia, we deliver the networks and connectivity you need to make your smart stadium ambitions and digital transformation objectives a reality. Putting our high-performance solutions to work, you can transform your venue with:

5G video streaming

Let guests choose how they watch the action with multiple camera angles in high definition and with low latency.


Boost efficiency to serve more customers with fully digital ticketing, concessions and merchandise ordering.

Augmented reality

Enhance the viewing experience with interactive elements like stats, facts and other information.

Enhanced audio

Stream audio in multiple languages to make announcements and commentary accessible to diverse audiences.

A look inside the smart stadium

Working with the city of Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines and other partners, Nokia helped transform the city’s velodrome with smart capabilities for the Tissot UCI Track Cycling World Championships in October 2022.

Why you need a smart network

It takes powerful, resilient and available everywhere networks to enable the unforgettable experiences that define the smart stadium, arena or entertainment venue — and what today’s audiences will come to expect.

A stadium crowd, many on their phones during a break in action


  • Real-time traffic and parking updates on their drive to the event.
  • Convenient online ordering and ticketing
  • High-definition, low-latency video streaming, sharing and social media posting 
  • Interactive elements powered by augmented or virtual reality



    A racecar driver being interviewed on camera

    Hosts, retail, broadcasters

    • Efficient, secure payment that allows them to serve more customers
    • Enhanced security through cameras and video analytics
    • Business-critical connectivity of the highest quality and technical standards
    • Real-time, lag-free network connectivity for televising and streaming events
    • Network services that support operations from set-up to post-production 
    • The low-latency, high-definition video streaming their viewers expect
    sports fields with neighbourhoods in the background

    Community, public safety

    • Surrounding neighborhoods will also look to the venue for social-critical functions. The modern stadium or arena must be a technology-driven community hub that, in short order, can be made to function as a shelter, a warming or cooling center, or a vaccination clinic.
    • Your venue must also be equipped with mission-critical public safety technologies and reliable connectivity to ensure the safety and security of everyone inside and around it.

    Enabling the unforgettable

    Whether it’s at work, home, on the road, or out at a concert, people want to stay connected with access to the latest digital services, devices and technologies. It’s what keeps guests coming back — and what makes your venue attractive to event organizers.

    Advanced applications demand an advanced network. That means maximum uptime, ultra-low latency and faultless security. It means high speed, high-bandwidth connectivity capable of supporting large numbers of people in a confined space, and the high-definition, real-time coverage for broadcasting and enhanced mobile applications. Smart applications are also key to driving efficiency and profitability.

    Smart stadiums, strong connectivity

    With industry-leading expertise, Nokia has designed and deployed advanced networks and applications to transform stadiums, arenas and entertainment venues.

    National Velodrome, France

    National Velodrome, Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines

    National Velodrome is a fully 5G-equipped bicycle racing venue designed for experimentation with applications that augment sports coverage. Features include:

    • Live 5G streaming
    • Multiple camera angles
    • Augmented reality (with superimposed visuals and stats through mobile apps)
    • Live 360-degree cameras
    • Connected photographs (automatic uploading of photos taken by 5G-equipped cameras)
    • eCycling (simulating the racing experience through footage recorded from connected bikes)
    • SUPRALIVE audio (letting audiences listen to different coverage through their mobile phones, such as multi-language commentary or event audio)

    Nokia 5G at UCI Tissot World Championship 2022

    5G Use Cases at 2022 Tissot UCI Track World Championships

    Nokia Arena, Finland

    Optus Stadium, Australia

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