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public safety

Public safety



Operational excellence in public safety

As digital transformation accelerates in the decade to come, the public safety community will experience profound changes in the way it conducts missions to achieve operational excellence. Discover how Nokia’s mission-critical systems will enable your transformation in public safety communications networks.

Empower your public safety agencies using next-generation mission-critical systems

When disaster strikes or in daily activities, every second counts. Detecting events in real time, understanding each situation and using modern tools to effectively respond is essential for protecting lives. So is sharing that information and quickly monitoring each situation. However, many public safety networks still lack access to broadband data services to optimally address emergency situations.

Addressing these issues requires modernizing your networks to take advantage of next-generation digital broadband technologies. These already are used in the commercial world. Adopting these same tools as ways to improve public safety will allow you to enhance your performance in any situation, and make faster, evidence-based decisions when lives and property are at stake.

Modernize your critical communication networks

Outperform your objectives with mission-critical broadband

Give your public safety system new tools and services with mission-critical mobile broadband communications. The result: first responders can act more efficiently.

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Transform your transport network for the IP, IoT and cloud era

Modernize your legacy transport network to optimally support and scale next-generation fully digital services. These include voice, IoT and multimedia for public safety.

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Modernize your emergency services to enhance citizen interaction

Move from a voice-centric emergency services infrastructure to one that is multimedia-ready. This will enhance detection of emergency situations and interactions with citizens.

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