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Mobile broadband public safety

Mobile Broadband Transformation solution for public safety

Mission-critical networks to drive operational excellence in first response teams

Public safety agencies know that mobile broadband communications will help them improve situational awareness and productivity. They also understand that new wireless communications applications will complement, and eventually replace, legacy, voice-centric land mobile radio (LMR) and private mobile radio (PMR) services.  

The Nokia Mobile Broadband Transformation solution gives public safety agencies the mission-critical 4G LTE or 5G networks, applications and services they need to advance their operations and lower costs. It includes:

  • A high-performance radio access network (RAN) for terrestrial and air-to-ground networks that supports mission-critical features defined in the 3GPP standard
  • A high-performance core network that meets the specific needs of public safety agencies using any deployment model
  • A resilient and secure transport network that meets quality of service (QoS) requirements
  • An industry-specific, mission-critical push-to-talk/video (MCPTx) application that’s integrated with Android smartphones and interworks with legacy systems such as TETRA and P25
  • Products and services that increase network security
  • Services that simplify network transformation, operations and support
  • Ruggedized mobile devices for teams in the field  

The solution is extremely flexible, allowing public safety agencies to deploy a dedicated, shared or hybrid solution that matches their needs and budget. 

Use cases 

The Nokia Mobile Broadband Transformation solution gives public safety agencies the communications speed, reliability, security and broad coverage they need to improve every aspect of their operations.

Increase operational speed and collaboration

  • Allow first responders from different agencies to communicate seamlessly and exchange multimedia information during emergencies
  • Give mobile command and control centers access to rich-media insights and real-time analytics to automate decision-making and support multi-agency cooperation
  • Accelerate database lookups for faster responses and reporting
  • Prioritize network traffic for mission-critical applications

Improve situational awareness and flexibility

  • Access and analyze data from video surveillance cameras and IoT sensors located anywhere to remotely monitor situations
  • Use MCPTx to share real-time videos of emergency scenarios
  • Track the location of first responders and equipment in the field in real time
  • Monitor the bio-vital signs of first responders operating in dangerous environments in real time
  • Use drones as eyes in the sky to safely and more effectively assess situations
  • Use remotely controlled equipment and robots to safely assess and address hazardous situations

Benefits and features  

With the Nokia Mobile Broadband Transformation solution, public safety agencies can achieve their operational and safety goals:

Accelerate emergency detection and response activities

with real-time, multimedia communications 

Improve situational awareness

by supporting billions of IoT sensors and CCTV cameras

Make more informed decisions

with real-time data and advanced video analytics applications

Spend more time in the field

by enabling staff to access office resources while on the move

Improve collaboration among first responders

by connecting advanced command and control centers

Maintain communications reliability and availability

with resilient, geo-redundant communications networks and enhanced power backup systems

Secure communications

with end-to-end protection for networks as well as the applications, data, devices and users that access them

Ensure communications continuity

with gateways that interconnect legacy PMR and TETRA networks as well as modern LTE networks

“We’re thrilled to partner with Nokia to build a first-in-class and groundbreaking 4G air-to-ground network for emergency services across the UK. Our deployment of this reinforces our network leadership as the UK’s biggest and fastest mobile network, and harnesses Nokia’s deep expertise in network equipment and installation of an air-to-ground solution.”
Richard Harrap
Managing Director for the UK Emergency Services Network at EE, which is part of BT Group

Solution components

The Nokia Mobile Broadband Transformation solution for public safety includes wireless, IP/MPLS and optical networking solutions as well as ruggedized devices, communications and management applications.

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