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Make highways safer, less congested and more sustainable

Build a foundation for delivering on vision zero with the Nokia communications, IoT, and analytics solutions.

Vision zero aims to eliminate fatalities, serious injuries, congestion and emissions from the world’s roads. To make vision zero a reality on your highways, you need digital applications that can take today’s intelligent transportation systems (ITSs) to the next level. You also need advanced communications and IT systems that will enable these applications.

Our Nokia solutions for highways lets you address these needs by supporting your mission-critical systems on a platform that can handle growing data demands, accelerate your digital transformation and support the evolution of connected vehicles. This flexible multiservice platform can enable you to:

  • Improve safety with automated driving, advanced traffic management systems (ATMSs) and real-time communications
  • Reduce congestion with cooperative traffic systems and roadside services that use vehicle-to-everything (V2X) communications
  • Lower emissions by providing insights that help drivers avoid delays and choose the fastest routes
  • Reduce operating costs and enhancing safety by using the IoT to support applications such as smart tolling, remote asset management, predictive maintenance and video surveillance analytics

We’re ready to help you to make highway journeys safer, less congested and more sustainable. With our comprehensive architecture and solutions, you can build more intelligent and efficient highways that are ready to deliver on vision zero.


Building a highway communications architecture for the future

Highways have the opportunity to harness technologies such as Industrial Internet of Things, edge computing, cloud, artificial intelligence, machine learning, augmented and virtual reality, and high-performance networking to drive dramatic improvements for highway safety, operations, and maintenance.

With Nokia solutions for highways, you can take the next steps toward vision zero by digitally transforming highway infrastructure, operations and the driving experience. 

  • Connect people, sensors, vehicles, video monitors and signage with the highest performance, security and reliability
  • Support legacy and new applications and increase capacity where and when it's needed using high performance, broadband, multiservice networks
  • Rely on local and roadside clouds to get the ultra-low latencies you need for video analytics and V2X-based safety and traffic control applications
  • Create value with open platforms that can apply analytics, digital operations and industrial automation to any highway application 
  • Use insights about assets, processes, environments and vehicles to boost efficiency and support new applications

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