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Security and privacy

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Security and privacy are part of everything we do. By design through delivery, and without compromise, we ensure your network is seamlessly secure.

Five security promises to keep your network safe

Customers can trust Nokia when it comes to security and protecting their information and interests. We provide the assurance that you, as a customer, require through our five security promises.

  1. We protect your information as rigorously as we protect our own
  2. We are transparent in our security practices
  3. We embed security into all our products and services
  4. We will inform you promptly of any serious product or service issues that affect you
  5. We independently validate our security practices

Read our security promises in detail

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Design for security

An end-to-end approach ensuring network security and privacy are never compromised.

Security and privacy are an intrinsic part of the product life cycle and are fully integrated into our design process. It is present and evident at every level and every stage. We have developed a Nokia Design for Security process that enables product security features and controls to identify, mitigate and manage security vulnerabilities.