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Vehicles carrying coal traversing an open cast mine

Revolutionizing mining operations through Industry 4.0 technologies

Digitization improves mining safety and efficiency.

Why mining digitalization is the next step?

Digitalization will make mining safer, more intelligent, efficient, and greener, but companies must address many issues before. These difficult tasks of digitalization require careful planning, and a collaborative approach to digitalization, and must educate employees to implement and manage these technologies.

Powering the connected mine with high-performance wireless connectivity

Many mining sites are held back by aging communications infrastructures that lack the capacity, reliability, security and mobility required to support automated mining operations. To take advantage of digital technologies and applications, mining companies need networks that deliver:

Fast and reliable mobile data connectivity

High capacity to support sensor networks, IoT devices, AI and analytics

Low latency for extreme autonomy and automation

Built-in security to ensure safe, reliable connectivity

Mission-critical voice and video communications

Deep, wide coverage to connect everyone and everything

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