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Private network solutions for real-time healthcare and the cloud

Deliver intelligent, connected healthcare

Nokia helps healthcare organizations use intelligent infrastructure and digital technologies to reduce costs and support better, more targeted patient care.

Our solutions enable you to automate manual processes, share medical information more easily and provide connectivity to support health monitoring, automated workflows and innovative new treatments.

We can help you build a high-performance network that improves patient outcomes and eliminates operational inefficiencies. With our solutions you can shift to an intelligent, connected healthcare model that:

  • Applies real-time analytics and machine learning to improve operational performance, diagnostics, and decision-making yielding better patient outcomes
  • Uses distributed, low-latency edge clouds to support innovative approaches such as remote and robot-assisted surgery
  • Provides low-latency private cloud capabilities for data
  • Efficiently handles everything from sensor data to large 2D and 3D medical imaging files by increasing capacity where it’s needed
  • Enables you to collaborate, share and innovate with hospitals, clinics and partners with the highest security and reliability
  • Creates value by applying analytics, operational systems and device management to any healthcare application

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Real-time healthcare is here

Automate and secure

Achieve an automatically provisioned ‘network as a service’ approach with ease and excellence built-in, including automating in-line security to mitigate DDoS attacks.

Adapt and respond

Make infrastructure and networks more adaptable, aware, and responsive to your healthcare system and physician needs using unified configuration management tools.

Ready for uptime

Ensure big bandwidth for big data as workloads grow, so the network is always available to support critical care.

Seamlessly interconnect

Connect hundreds of sites, thousands of devices and multiple data silos by reinventing network infrastructure with agile, cloud-based private networks.

Create new value

Drive lucrative revenue streams by enabling a new generation of real-time, value-based, competitive healthcare services.

Affordably scale

Orchestrate resources across public and private cloud boundaries with dynamic provisioning and insight-driven, network-based security, supporting always-on IT.

Better clinical outcomes

Integrate all the data streams coming from content sources across your healthcare environment to deliver insight-rich, real-time decision-making.

Increase patient focus

Free medical teams from dealing with difficult processes and poorly integrated tools with next-generation IT infrastructure that delivers value-based care services that improve the patient experience and physician retention.

Improve cost-effectiveness

Manage cost pressures and the competing needs of your physicians and administration as you work to build an infrastructure fit for the future.

“Our network is the most critical, most important layer of our technology. It's how we share, communicate, and collaborate. We needed high availability, resilience, and reliability - collaborating with Nokia enabled UPMC to deliver on these goals, furthering patient care.”
Chris Carmody
Senior Vice President of Infrastructure, UPMC
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