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Networks for real-time healthcare

Build a network foundation for a real-time healthcare system

Nokia can help you transition your network to support a real-time healthcare system that uses digital technology and practices to improve operations and patient outcomes. Our solutions let you build an agile and scalable IT infrastructure that supports multiple locations, handles massive volumes of digital health data and enables care teams and patients to work and communicate more effectively.

Challenge: Real-time digital practices call for a cloud-capable network infrastructure

Healthcare systems are complex ecosystems that include hundreds of clinical and business processes executed across many locations. Expanding points of care, digital practices and big data call for a new business and IT model that allows the healthcare system to operate in real time and support a more connected, aware and patient-centric approach to care.

To provide the IT infrastructure required for a real-time healthcare system, you need a network that delivers improved:

  • Scalability: Virtual care solutions enabled by cloud-based patient portals, Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) devices and big data are creating new demands for network scalability and capacity.
  • Reliability: Doctors need the ability to retrieve electronic health records (EHRs) or digital images on demand to gain a 360-degree view of a patient’s health. Networks must minimize downtime and support backup and disaster recovery capabilities to provide the level of continuity required by a real-time care environment.
  • Quality of service: Medical applications, services and data must be prioritized. At any given moment, the network must differentiate between what is important and what is not and match quality of service to each traffic type or application.
  • Security: Concerns about security are putting new pressure on network infrastructure and those that manage it. Key areas of concern include meeting strict regulatory requirements for patient data privacy and confidentiality, new devices connecting to the healthcare network, patients and visitors accessing the wireless network, and IoMT devices that monitor patients and other medical equipment.

Solution: A private network to support a private–hybrid healthcare cloud

Real-time healthcare requires an aware and adaptive technology infrastructure that senses, directs and changes as needed. To support the transformation to a real-time care model, you need to embrace innovative cloud and networking technologies. Nokia helps you create a foundation for your real-time healthcare system by:

  • Connecting your private cloud infrastructure to ensure compliance with regulatory and organizational guidelines
  • Leveraging your existing infrastructure investments
  • Consolidating and transforming your data centers
  • Supporting applications that are critical to patient care and safety
Increase access

Caregivers and patients can obtain medical services and information anytime and anywhere

Streamline workflows

Slow manual processes become fast connected digital processes

Improve outcomes

A connected and coordinated health system empowers clinicians to provide high-quality care in any setting

Learn how to evolve your network to support real-time patient care

Learn how to evolve your network to support real-time patient care

Our private WAN approach starts with a high-performance backbone that brings optical networking and IP/MPLS connectivity to hospitals, care facilities and data centers. The backbone combines scalability, reliability, quality of service and security with intelligence that supports the requirements of multiple real-time services and applications.


You can further advance your network and cloud infrastructure by using innovative solutions such as software-defined networking (SDN) and software-defined wide-area networking (SD-WAN) to introduce optimization and automation capabilities.

Learn how we can help you can help you implement a more agile, flexible and cost-efficient networking solution to support real-time healthcare and the cloud.

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Evolve your network infrastructure for real-time care

We can help you create a private WAN that enables the delivery of highly connected, digitally enhanced, patient-driven care. With a private WAN, you can support:

  • Flexible and reliable bandwidth for increasing volumes of medical data
  • Agile and dynamic provisioning to deliver services where and when needed
  • Flexible SLAs to meet real-time healthcare system service and application metrics
  • Multi-layer security to protect the confidentiality of patient data and EHRs
  • Traffic engineering to ensure resiliency for specific medical applications
  • Advanced network services to enable the convergence of legacy and new services
  • Application-aware networking to prioritize different medical applications
  • Real-time analytics and reporting to understand how the real-time healthcare system is performing

Our solutions provide the IT building blocks you need to support real-time care delivery. They let you move to a network-connected private–hybrid cloud infrastructure that speeds processes, balances resources and demand, and eliminates waste.


Move to real time faster

We can help you build an IT infrastructure that supports real-time care delivery. Our networking and cloud solutions provide the scalability and agility you need to address new demands and capitalize on mission-critical digital health data. They can speed your transition to a real-time model that increases access to quality care, improves operational efficiency and reduces total cost of ownership.

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Discover our building blocks for healthcare IT transformation