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Powering the industrial metaverse

Powering the industrial metaverse



The industrial metaverse is coming, bringing with it endless possibilities for the future of both industry and society. 

What is the industrial metaverse?

Using virtual and augmented realities to blend the physical and the digital, the metaverse empowers industries to cut costs, act more sustainably, improve the work experience and accelerate operations by moving expensive, time-consuming activities into fully virtual environments. Within these spaces, enterprises and public sector agencies can test and optimize their systems, processes and infrastructure to identify and address issues before committing time and resources to the real thing.

“The industrial metaverse combines physical-digital fusion and human augmentation for industrial applications, and contains digital representations of physical industrial environments, systems, assets and spaces that people can control, communicate and interact with.”
Thierry Klein
President of Bell Labs Solutions Research at Nokia

Why is the industrial metaverse important?

Digital twins are one of the most promising applications of the early industrial metaverse. These virtual replicas of physical objects (for example, a jet engine, car or wind turbine) are already helping private and public organizations plan faster, improve processes, optimize operations and much more.

As the industrial metaverse starts to take hold, its scale and complexity will increase exponentially. Enterprises and public sector agencies will be able to:

  • Create digital twins of entire environments, such as power grids, rail yards or even whole cities
  • Use rich, real-time data to gain unparalleled operational insights
  • Not just experience the physical world in a virtual space, but actually control it

To stay competitive and innovative, your operations need a foundation that can support the evolution of industrial metaverse applications now and into the future. Nokia offers the critical networks and high-performance connectivity required to take advantage of the industrial metaverse. 

How will the industrial metaverse transform operations by 2030?

Industry is at the center of metaverse commercialization

The consumer metaverse may get most of the media attention, but the industrial metaverse is projected to lead the way in commercialization. ABI Research forecast a $USD 100 billion industrial metaverse market by 2030, with massive revenue potential from digital twins, extended reality applications and more.

Sectors such as manufacturing and logistics are driving this growth. Early pioneers of digitalization, these sectors have been using enabling technologies like artificial intelligence (AI), extended reality and digital twins for many years. The success of their efforts will accelerate the widespread adoption of the industrial metaverse across other industries and sectors, including railways, power utilities and public safety. 

Why the network is critical for the industrial metaverse

A robust foundation built on multi-access connectivity and high-speed computing functions is essential to take full advantage of the industrial metaverse as it evolves.

Secure, ultra-fast networks with low latency and high reliability are required to power the industrial metaverse and keep mission-critical applications online. The need for near-zero latency makes edge computing a must for bringing enterprise applications closer to data sources, enabling greater and faster processing.

The metaverse at work

A new Real Talk series of ‘bite-size’ events, drawing on insights from the joint Nokia / EY study on the current state of the industrial and enterprise metaverses.

Click on the images below to explore the sessions

Evolving networks will be the driving force behind the industrial metaverse

The network is critical to realizing the enormous potential of the industrial metaverse. Nokia Bell Labs anticipates profound changes to networking technology over the next decade to enable the massive capacity and scale needed to meet the growing demands of the metaverse. These requirements will eventually test the limits of even the most advanced 5G networks.

Networks geared for sustainability and efficiency, security and privacy, and resilience and agility will be critical to addressing the world’s most fundamental challenges in 2030. Nokia’s engineers are leading this evolution, creating dynamic networks that can adapt to emerging applications, use cases and business models. Together with our trusted ecosystem of partners, we will develop long-term answers to the world’s most pressing issues — and create a more sustainable, productive and accessible future.

Enabling immersive experiences

Immersive live streaming is a crucial tool of the industrial metaverse that enhances visibility and insight into operational performance. A tangible example of this is Real-time eXtended Reality Multimedia (RXRM), which is helping enterprises and organizations realize the full potential available. By utilizing low-latency and bandwidth-efficient connectivity, RXRM opens up 360° video and 3D spatial audio to industrial applications. It brings unprecedented immersion and user experience to a whole range of new use cases, including remote monitoring, remote control of machines and devices, and optimized situational awareness. 

Network technologies that power the industrial metaverse

The network technologies needed to set the stage for the industrial metaverse are available now. Featuring secure and high-performance networks, industrial edge computing and a flexible data-center fabric, Nokia’s critical network solutions are the foundation you need to realize the full benefits of the industrial metaverse today and into the future. 

Opening new possibilities through trusted partnerships

The full potential of the industrial metaverse can’t be achieved alone. At Nokia, we collaborate with technology leaders, system integrators, global service providers and industry specialist partners around the world to realize new applications and solutions that drive human progress. When you work with Nokia, you benefit from the diverse expertise and knowledge of our extensive partner ecosystem.

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Discover solutions for your industry

No matter your industry, we can help boost your organization’s agility, efficiency and resilience. A trusted partner for critical networks, Nokia’s fast, reliable and secure networking and connectivity solutions can help you realize the potential of the industrial metaverse.


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