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Build tomorrow’s digital railway today 

Nokia railway communications solutions help mainline and metro-urban operators use the power of Industry 4.0 to achieve operational excellence, improve safety and security, enhance the passenger experience and reduce carbon emissions.

What is a digital railway?

Mainline and metro transit railways rely on vast quantities of data to provide reliable, safe, on-time journeys for millions of people and products every day. Many want to use digital technologies and automation to transform their operations and keep pace with shifting demands. To succeed, they need smart railway communications networks.

Our solutions provide the reliable, secure connectivity you need for digital railway operations. With a digital railway, you can:

  • Deliver fully connected rail experiences
  • Achieve new levels of automation
  • Reduce costs, improve efficiency and enhance overall service
  • Take full advantage of industrial IoT and advanced analytics to predictively maintain your operations and intelligently manage your assets 

Discover how Nokia can help you get ready for 5G/FRMCS to build a digital railway that’s ready for tomorrow’s demands.

Mainline passenger and freight railways

Our railway communications solutions provide mission-critical connectivity that helps mainline passenger and freight operators ensure that every journey is safe, secure, on-time and fully connected. You can use these solutions to enhance operational efficiency, increase capacity and improve the passenger experience.

We offer mission-critical broadband private wireless, IP/MPLS, packet optical, microwave transmission, analytics and railway cybersecurity solutions that support the latest signaling and control applications and address other operational and business connectivity needs. With our solutions and expert support, you can:

  • Embrace innovative digital railway applications and use cases 
  • Modernize your GSM-R network and prepare for the FRMCS and 5G future
  • Ensure robust and reliable connectivity for the European Train Control System (ETCS) and automatic train operations (ATO)
  • Outsmart hackers with stronger railway cybersecurity
  • Enrich the passenger experience with improved connectivity and next-generation applications
  • Offer faster and more connected freight services
  • Enhance operational efficiency and automation in railyards and depots


5G Rail laying tracks for FRMCS deployment


Railway industry trends in Europe

Metro-urban railways

Our railway communications solutions help metro-urban operators build secure, efficient and sustainable digital railways that connect passengers to the people, things and places they love.

We offer innovative train-to-ground communications, IP/MPLS, analytics and railway cybersecurity solutions that can help accelerate the digital transformation of your railway. With our technologies and expertise, you can:

  • Embrace smart new railway applications without compromising current ones
  • Enable highly automated rail operations and communication based train control (CBTC)
  • Provide safe, dependable transport to growing populations
  • Support next-generation passenger applications
  • Keep up with the latest technologies, from LTE to 5G
  • Enhance operational efficiency and automation in railyard and depots

Choose the right architecture for your digital railway

Our railway communications solutions let you combine high-performance networking with technologies such as IoT, edge computing, cloud, machine learning and augmented reality to make your railway more efficient and ensure a fast and successful digital transformation.

  • Connect people, sensors, trains, video monitors and automated train control systems with the highest security and reliability
  • Get the fast response times you need to support safety equipment, next-generation signaling, IoT applications and video analytics
  • Increase network capacity where it's needed to address passenger surges, rush-hour congestion or high demand for on-board connectivity
  • Use data processing and analytics systems to boost efficiency or enable new services
  • Create value with open platforms that can apply analytics, operational systems and automation to any rail application

Accelerate digital-era success with the power of intelligent networks

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