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Ensure safe and reliable operations

What is GSM-R?

GSM-Railway (GSM-R) is a proven digital platform that is now the standard for railway-specific voice and data operational services on five continents. Its total interoperability and compatibility is vastly improving the safety and speed of all railway operational services. And it allows train drivers to communicate freely throughout transcontinental journeys, regardless of the country they happen to be in.

As well as providing a set of standardized operational and safety features for national and cross-border rail networks, GSM-R also enables the seamless integration of regional services and applications such as the European Train Control System (ETCS).

Nokia GSM-R solutions provide railway operators with a single streamlined digital radio system to replace all existing communication systems, thereby helping to reduce costs, improve interoperability and enhance safety. They also allow maintenance data to be transmitted to the depot in real time to reduce idle time, increase capacity utilization, and ultimately reduce OPEX.

Nokia Networks has deployed GSM-R networks in 22 countries serving over 109,000 km of railways, making it the World Number One GSM-R vendor in both number of commercial networks and length of operated GSM-R lines. With live projects in Australia, China, Europe, Middle East and Africa, Nokia Networks is the world leader in GSM-Railway.

Build reliable, cost-effective and long-lasting GSM-R networks with our comprehensive portfolio including our EIRENE-certified and field-proven Nokia Flexi EDGE Base Station and our Nokia Flexi Multi radio 10 Base Station.

With its long experience in deploying GSM-R and our leading market position in 5G, Nokia is well placed to support the transition of railway infrastructure to the Future Railway Mobile Communication System (FRMCS), helping to ensure interoperability throughout the migration period.

Successful GSM-R Interoperability / compatibility testing

Under the TEN 3rd call Research Project, co-funded by the European Commission and supervised by UIC and ERA, Nokia performed successful multi-vendor interoperability tests together with Kapsch CarrierCom and other GSM-R vendors of the Industry Group (Activity 10 : “GSM-R Interoperability/compatibility testing” and Activity 5 “GSM-R Industry Group Support to ERA”). Please find here the available test reports:


GSM-R Infrastructure

Infographic of GSM Infrastructure

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