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Cyber Security for railways

Security operations for railway mission-critical communications networks

Railway cyber security in the digital era

Mainline and metro-urban railway operators recognize that the adoption of digital technologies make their railways more vulnerable to a wide array of increasingly sophisticated cyberattacks. Their concerns are well founded, as numerous railways have been hit by costly and disruptive cyberattacks targeting critical infrastructure and operations. IoT sensors and other devices are especially vulnerable to hackers, who can gain control of them to launch damaging attacks. Securing their digital infrastructure and communications networks against these threats remains a top priority for operators.

The Nokia security solutions offer an advanced and comprehensive approach to cyber security that ensures high levels of protection for railways. They include orchestration and threat incident response solutions to detect, analyze and mitigate security risks. An integrated eXtended detection and response (XDR) suite of security products unifies control points, offers security telemetry, and provides analytics. Our quantum-safe IP and optical networking solutions protect data from intrusion and theft through quantum-safe encryption, key management and intrusion detection.

The end-to-end, multi-layer solutions incorporate security products and services that address the specific challenges of rail operators for both greenfield and brownfield deployments. Some of the key benefits for operators include:

  • Securing mission-critical railway communications networks against cyber-attacks
  • Improving operational efficiency for security automation
  • Streamlining regulatory compliance reporting

Use cases

The Nokia cyber security solutions support an extensive set of use cases to ensure cybersecurity protections for railway infrastructure and communications networks.

Access control

  • Use standardized, unified-access security policies across the network infrastructure
  • Deploy logging to ensure compliance with security specifications
  • Monitor privileged account access for breaches

Meet regulatory compliance

  • Implement forensics capabilities to track who has accessed the network and identify the source of vulnerabilities
  • Send standardized compliance reports to security incident response teams

Benefits and features

With Nokia cyber security solutions, railway operators can:

Enhance security automation

for business processes, incident response plans, regulations and policies

Provide end-to-end security

with advanced controls that encompass the operation of the entire network and its processes

Implement multi-layer encryption

to protect traffic across multiple layers in the network

Leverage security analytics

from across the network, devices and cloud layers to spot anomalies and gain insight into threats

Ensure security compliance

by meeting legal, regulatory and compliance requirements through more effective information security and data privacy

Protect against reputation and financial damages

with an automated and predictive defense-in-depth strategy

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