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Mission-critical railway backbone network

Build a converged backbone for your railway communications infrastructure

Nokia mission-critical railway backbone network solution lets you build a secure, reliable multiservice backbone that provides the connectivity you need for digital railway operations.

Our proven solution enables you to support mission-critical applications such as automated train operation and signaling, broadband wireless communications, IT applications such as CCTV and VoIP, and enhanced passenger services such as infotainment and Wi-Fi.

Transform railway communications with market-leading products

The solution lets you combine the capabilities of our market-leading IP, optical and microwave products to build a mission-critical railway backbone network that interconnects your rail infrastructure, links all facilities reliably and delivers information when and where it’s needed.


  • Our IP/MPLS portfolio provides a comprehensive suite of routers and switches designed to meet the needs of multiple services with resiliency, security, traffic segmentation and high quality of service. It enables you to make a smooth migration to IP while maintaining full interoperability with critical legacy TDM-based applications and services. 
  • The Nokia 1830 Photonic Service Switch (1830 PSS) can help you smoothly migrate your legacy SDH/SONET optical infrastructure to a modern DWDM optical transport network. The 1830 PSS also makes it possible to introduce new bandwidth-intensive applications to the backbone or resell bandwidth capacity to generate new revenue.
  • The Nokia Wavence microwave transport solution is optimized to provide point-to-point or point-to-multipoint wireless IP backhaul for all equipment placed along the tracks, including GSM-R base stations. This cost-effective solution is seamlessly integrated with our IP/MPLS routers, which simplifies installation, management and operations. It performs especially well in hilly areas.

Why choose IP/MPLS for railway communications?

Get full value from your railway communications infrastructure

  • Run multiple applications over a common network infrastructure
  • Consume bandwidth dynamically and efficiently with application-specific hierarchical quality of service (HQoS)
  • Reduce operating costs by consolidating legacy networks and simplifying maintenance processes

Support critical legacy applications with no degradation

  • Maintain full interoperability with legacy TDM-based systems such as GSM-R, SCADA and analog voice systems
  • Ensure predictable, deterministic network performance with MPLS traffic engineering and QoS management
  • Meet the performance and availability requirements of TDM-based data applications

Roll out new railway applications faster

  • Streamline the introduction of new technology with Network Services Platform (NSP), a unified service and network management system across IP/MPLS, optical transport and packet microwave
  • Extend connectivity to digital railway stations
  • Get ready for FRMCS and metro rail train-to-ground backhaul

Mission-critical railway backbone network benefits and features

Support for all types of traffic

Our railway backbone network solution is built with IP/MPLS technology. It can support all application traffic and seamlessly extend railway communications into your data centers. The solution uses the Nokia Network Services Platform (NSP) to automate and manage all your IP/MPLS, optical and microwave network elements in a unified manner. 

Flexible wireless backhaul

Our solution can connect your radios to the radio core systems throughout the railway infrastructure to provide flexible wireless backhaul for everything from FRMCS to GSM-R, broadband train-to-ground for metro rail and legacy Land Mobile Radio (LMR).

Reliable SCADA transport over IP/MPLS

Our solution lets you upgrade your network to IP/MPLS while supporting legacy SCADA systems with full interoperability. It allows you to reliably transport SCADA traffic so you can monitor, analyze, control and maintain your railway infrastructure.

Robust network security

Railway networks are targets for attacks and cybercrime. Our solution lets you secure your network and data against threats while adhering to regulatory requirements.

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