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Future Railway Mobile Communication System (FRMCS)

Ensure safe, dependable operations with FRMCS based on 5G

Put your railway on the fast track to the FRMCS with our proven 5G solutions, railway communications expertise and Nokia Bell Labs innovations. Our comprehensive approach will help you modernize your GSM-R networks and take your operations into the digital age.


What is FRMCS?

FRMCS is set to become the global standard that will revolutionize railway communications. This mobile broadband-ready technology will enable you to improve safety and operational efficiency, support innovative passenger services and accelerate your digital transformation, all of which will help you compete for travelers. FRMCS also minimizes network latency and uses cloud technology, which will help you automate train operation and support broadband M2M communication.


5G is a critical enabler for FRMCS

5G can help you get the most from FRMCS migration. It offers high capacity, performance and reliability, along with support for massive MTC and IoT. With FRMCS based on 5G, you can support ultra-reliable, low-latency mission-critical communications. And you can build a platform for innovative applications – from group video calling and automated train control to predictive maintenance and fast on-board Wi-Fi – that will reduce operating costs and enhance the passenger experience.


The future of railways and its communication systems

Accelerating investments to unleash the potential of FRMCS

FRMCS action plan / roadmap

The right architecture for 5G FRMCS

Clear your path to 5G and FRMCS by providing an intelligent and dynamic communications platform that supports all railway systems, processes and activities. It will enable you to create new efficiencies and support new applications by providing secure and reliable connectivity for people, sensors, trains, video monitors and automated train control systems.

Features and benefits

Our solutions accelerate your digital transformation and help you prepare for the future by giving you more flexibility to meet the performance, reliability and connectivity requirements of FRMCS.

Support multiple spectrum bands

Take advantage of any available spectrum band between 600 MHz and 90 GHz, including licensed, shared access and unlicensed FDD and TDD bands.

Maintain the highest reliability

Ensure up to 99.9999 percent availability with a network that supports capabilities such as path redundancy, stateful virtualization and cloud core concepts. Our solutions also support 5G ultra-reliable low-latency communication (URLLC), a critical enabler for mission-critical communication and automation applications.

Use multiple access technologies

Flexibly support 3GPP and non-3GPP access technologies simultaneously. Our solutions support LTE, 5G, Wi-Fi and satellite connectivity and ensure a smooth migration to 5G.

Meet new critical communication demands

Prepare for mission-critical communication needs. Our solutions support LTE and 5G QoS features and ease application integration.

Shift to distributed networking

Boost scalability, performance and flexibility with an architecture that supports centralized and distributed deployment options. With a distributed deployment, you can deliver the ultra-low latency required for applications such as CCTV and video analytics.

Strengthen your cyber defense

Keep your networks, communications, assets and devices safe with an end-to-end security approach that combines a variety of techniques to provide an in-depth defense against cyberattacks.

Prioritize QoS for critical applications

Provide guaranteed bit rates for mission-critical services with flexible flow-based QoS, a 5G capability that separates critical and non-critical applications and data.

Slice your network

Use one common network infrastructure to provide cost-effective support for a wide range of railway applications. With 5G network slicing, you can create separate, dedicated railway operator networks or use public mobile operator slices to run non-mission-critical services.

Maintain performance at high speeds

Compensate for Doppler effects with features that ensure that your communication systems can perform reliably at speeds of more than 500 km/h.


The future of rail : FRMCS


Evolution of mission-critical communications in the railway industry


5G Rail laying tracks for FRMCS deployment

Use cases

Our 5G solutions deliver the high bandwidth, reliability, ultra-low latency and massive M2M communications capabilities you need to support a broad range of promising FRMCS use cases.

Automated train operation

Increase operational efficiency, energy efficiency, train density and punctuality by supporting automated train operation (ATO) use cases.

  • Precise positioning for obstacle detection, remote control and automation
  • Critical video support for driverless trains (ATO levels 3 and 4)
  • Future European Train Control System (ETCS), including train integrity
  • Shunting automation

Passenger information systems

Improve the passenger experience and provide better individual mobility assistance with use cases that enhance and modernize passenger information systems.

  • Smart connectivity of different transportation modes through a passenger app
  • Enhanced real-time information on train status and seating availability
  • Connectivity for wireless displays
  • Video announcements on passenger devices

Smart station

Modernize station operations by using digital and communication technologies to improve safety, streamline passenger handling and save energy.

  • CCTV, emergency management, incident response
  • Automated monitoring to ensure that passengers get on and off trains safely
  • IoT-based control of station facilities, including bins, vending machines, elevators, lighting, lifts, escalators and ventilation
  • Smart power distribution and traction control systems

Smart rail maintenance

Streamline operations, improve safety and replace siloed solutions with use cases that simplify and automate maintenance of rolling stock, track and trackside assets.

  • Augmented reality-enabled maintenance
  • Automated rail flaw detection
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Remote-controlled drones for supervision

Management support systems

Make your business processes more efficient, increase automation and enable continuous optimization with use cases for management support systems.

  • Unified management of main control systems
  • Real-time information on traffic and passenger flows
  • Automated processing for ticketing
  • Use of digital twins to enable dynamic simulation of train operations and infrastructure

Smart infrastructure

Increase efficiency and safety by supporting use cases that help you digitalize the complete rail infrastructure.

  • Connected railroad crossings and automated alerts
  • Automated hazard detection
  • Real-time management of traffic and passenger flows
  • Flawless perception of vehicles and trackside through multi-modal sensing (cameras, radar, LIDAR)

Why choose Nokia?

Succeed with a 5G and railway communications network leader

We’re ready to use our end-to-end 5G portfolio and extensive GSM-R experience to help you make a successful migration to FRMCS and achieve the highest standards of safety, security, efficiency and compliancy. Our Future X architecture for railways will help you do more with 5G and FRMCS by improving interactions between your systems and providing a launchpad for innovative applications and services.


  • 30-plus years of railway experience
  • The most complete portfolio of railway solutions and turnkey services
  • Market leader with 22 GSM-R networks and 100-plus mission-critical railway networks deployed
  • Specialist in multi-services communication networks for railway operations and passengers
  • Proven expert in ensuring smooth legacy-to-IP migration
  • Best-in-class LTE/5G and broadband solutions for passengers and train stations
  • Key contributor in driving standardization of next-generation railway technologies
  • Solutions based on Nokia Bell Labs innovations that are shaping FRMCS and 5G
  • Best-in-class cyber security solutions that meet the highest compliancy standards

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