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The future of voice communication is here

Immersive Voice takes you to your caller’s environment – bringing intimacy, efficiency and an improved user experience to calls, enterprise features and industrial applications.

Using decades of experience and innovation, something truly original has been achieved - a truly immersive audio experience for live voice calls, teleconferencing and the metaverse. Game-changing UX uses features like head-tracking and a precise directivity of sound, enabling safer and more efficient remote collaboration and control for industrial and enterprise applications.

We believe Immersive Voice is the greatest step in voice call audio for decades. Nokia’s OZO technology is a key ingredient in enabling next generation voice communication, and we are also actively driving the upcoming 3GPP IVAS standard on immersive voice and audio services.

For consumers


Binaural call

Share the sounds of your environment


Multi-party call

Hear group call participants from different directions


XR, Metaverse

Enter the Metaverse

For enterprise


One-to-one call

Improved customer service


Multi-party call

Spatial team calls for improved wellbeing


Multi-party call

Host a watch party

For industry


Multi-party call

Inter-team communication


Binaural call

Remote assistance


Multi-mic capture call

Remote monitoring

The power of OZO in your device

When you select OZO to power your device's audio capture or playback, you don't just provide your customers with the most complete audio experience--you get decades of expertise and first-class service from Nokia too. Find out what it means to be an OZO partner.