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Better audio makes better smartphone video possible

With Nokia's rich legacy in device technology, we know that high quality audio is critical to unlocking the video experience. OZO technology enhances the overall content experience and sets any smartphone apart from its competition with next-level audio performance.

Great audio made better together

The OZO portfolio enables unparalleled audio fidelity for smart devices from capture through editing to playback. OZO Audio and OZO Playback are designed to work as standalone products. Either can be integrated into a device independently, but when installed together, they enable even better performance capabilities.



Sounds captured with true-to-life quality



Innovative tools that enhance the soundscape



Audio reproduced with richness and faithful precision

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Introduce new ways to capture and edit audio

The combination of accurate spatial audio analysis with smart multi-microphone, audio-processing algorithms enables an entirely new set of spatial audio features. These features give users and device makers unprecedented flexibility to focus, zoom, edit and even suppress wind noise without hardware modifications. Intelligent processing is at the core of OZO Audio.


Deep analysis of sounds

Advanced analysis of the multiple microphone signals forms the basis of the OZO Audio algorithms. OZO Audio can both capture high-quality spatial audio and provide focus, zoom and wind noise reduction capabilities. It can also provide real-time information to applications about the amount of wind noise and direction of incoming sounds.

Universal playback and sharing

We designed OZO Audio to work everywhere. With universal playback and sharing, users can share true-to-life, immersive content, regardless of what spatial audio software runs on their audiences’ devices. OZO Audio technology can be shared across any social media platform and heard through any device – laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Capture now. Tune later

Using smart, multi-microphone, audio capture algorithms, Audio Tune enables unique capabilities for exploring and editing post-capture. Whether user-enabled or AI enabled, all the OZO Audio features can be controlled for optimal desired output, giving users endless freedom to fine-tune content.

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