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Unleash your device's full potential with OZO

Bring clarity and focus to your customer experience


Nokia OZO provides first class audio capture and playback for smart devices. It caters to consumer audiences, professional services—such as security and law enforcement—and any content generators who rely on clear, crisp and high quality audio in their daily lives.

Nokia as a partner

At Nokia, we create technology that helps the world act together.

In Nokia OZO, we invent and deliver leading audio and visual technologies for immersive and intelligent experiences.


OZO opens your device up to leading audio software technologies for licensed audio capture and playback.


You team up with a global leader that provides all the services you could ever need for achieving optimal audio performance. 


A world-class team and R&D facilities are here to assist you in designing everything from microphone alignment to which features work best for your device.

“We evaluated the audio quality of OZO Playback technology in a smartphone that had asymmetric stereo loudspeakers, and were very impressed by the spatial wideness and balance it was able to offer.”
Justin Bacle, Audio R&D Lab Leader, DXOMARK
(February 2021)

OZO in the world


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