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Unlock the next dimension of sound


Experience intelligent audio that dynamically zooms with video


OZO Audio portfolio

Enable users to capture and edit the full richness of sonic life with vibrant accuracy and precision. Engineered for universal playback and shareability across the world’s most popular social media platforms, the OZO Audio portfolio of smartphone software is setting the standard in innovative audio solutions for user-generated content.

OZO Audio is designed for the needs of tomorrow’s consumers and delivers intelligent features for truly brilliant device experiences.



Spatial and directional capture



Post-capture explore and edit



Enhanced speech recognition performance

Live the moment

Learn more about the family of OZO features for smart device audio.

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True-to-life capture – Innovative features that capture and enhance audio with stunning clarity and precision

Audio 3D

Audio 3D captures and delivers a natural spatial sound experience and high-fidelity audio within one degree of accuracy. With Audio 3D–enabled smart devices, capture full sonic richness—depth, direction and detail— without missing a moment.

Audio Zoom

Audio Zoom allows users to dynamically pinpoint and amplify sounds to correspond to zoomed video — all while eliminating distracting background noise. Finally, a zoom lens for your device audio that lets you get up close to the action.

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Audio Windscreen

Audio Windscreen lets users capture crystal-clear audio quality on their smartphone in less than ideal conditions. Sophisticated wind detection algorithms identify and automatically adjust suppression processing to suit the wind noise conditions. Clearer audio even when conditions aren’t.

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Audio Framing

Audio Framing opens up new possibilities by mapping the sonic landscape for the strongest audio sources. In tandem with Audio Focus or Audio Zoom, Audio Framing enables clever audio modes that brings rich new solutions to storytelling.

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An OZO for every design

OZO Audio can be configured for any phone with two or more microphones and for devices with rigid or adjustable form factors, such as foldable phones.


3 or more microphones

Supports Audio 3D, Audio Focus, Audio Zoom, Audio Windscreen, Audio Tune and Audio Detect.

two mics

2 microphones

Supports Audio 3D, Audio Zoom, Audio Windscreen and Audio Detect.


Audio 3D

The sounds of friendship
A soulful acoustic serenade
Splashing from a late-night swim
Laughter exchanged over a crackling fire
Don’t miss a sound with Audio 3D

Playable anywhere. Shareable everywhere.

OZO Audio uses standard formats enabling universal distribution across the world’s most popular social media platforms

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