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Fewer microphones doesn’t have to mean inferior audio quality

Fewer microphones don’t have to mean inferior audio quality

OZO Audio technology is all about bringing the very best audio experience to mobile device users. We at Nokia are passionate believers in the power of audio to bring people together through shared experiences. When it comes to owners of multi-microphone devices, OZO Audio technology provides a fully immersive spatial audio listening experience which was previously limited to cinema and elaborate home entertainment systems.

But in a world where approximately 84 percent of the global population own a smartphone, we want to reach as many people as possible, which means catering for a wide range of markets and budgets. Many mobile device manufacturers seek to cater for consumer needs by offering a wide portfolio of devices with varying hardware capabilities.

With this in mind, scalability is a crucial factor – price shouldn’t be a barrier when it comes to quality, even if it determines a greater level of technological options. While OZO’s spatial audio recording requires at least two microphones, there are plenty of other advanced audio technologies that help ensure all devices—including those with only one microphone—have the very best audio quality for its category.

For instance, you can have all the hardware you like when filming or recording out in the open, but external factors can play havoc with your recorded sound regardless. In many cases, it’s not easy to ask for a retake. A reliable audio recording system has to cope with different circumstances such as audio scenes that flit between loud and silent. There may also be disturbing noises in the background. OZO Audio’s noise reduction capabilities can transfer onto a single microphone to block out or reduce noises such as background interference, wind or urban traffic. These highly advanced audio processing algorithms can make any device provide finely attuned and equalized sound recordings in any environment.

The most important thing about OZO though? By partnering with Nokia, manufacturers can be safe in the knowledge that every drop of audio capability is being extracted from the device. Our highly skilled team of experts are fully versed in decades of industry-leading R&D. They’ll work with manufacturing personnel to ensure that the device in question can fully capitalize on audio recording capabilities—for everything from premium 4-mic devices to cost-optimized mass-market 1-mic phones.

This streamlining of the technology integration has benefits when it comes to brand loyalty – a happy owner of a budget option may be more likely to upgrade to a more expensive model, while conversely when a phone with less features is desired (perhaps as an extra device or one for a younger family member), the purchaser is more likely to use the same brand if they can be sure of a good user experience. When it comes to scalable audio technology, OZO Audio serves as a promise that users can believe in—regardless of the device they have.

Kai Havukainen

About Kai Havukainen

Kai ‘Kaizu’ Havukainen is Head of Product in Nokia Technologies, overseeing the product roadmap and marketing activities of the company’s technology licensing business. Kai holds master’s degree in signal processing and 20 years of experience in Nokia. He has been working in various roles in Finland and the US, including audio engineering, business development, sales, and quality management. In his free time Kaizu enjoys building all sort of things out of wood and electronics.

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