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Turning up the dial on smart device audio playback

Turning up the dial on smart device audio playback

If you’re reading this on a train, bus or in a public space, take a look around you. It’s likely that some of the people in your vicinity are watching something on their phones. Studies have shown that 74 percent of Gen Z use their mobile as the primary source of YouTube content and 40 percent for Netflix (compared to 22 percent of the preceding millennial age group). When you throw in the ever-increasing amount of content being produced, both from streaming services and a generation of digital-native vloggers, it’s no surprise that high quality audio playback is fast becoming a key focus for mobile manufacturers.

Many of the recent progressions in OZO Playback are based around creating a smartphone experience that consumers more traditionally associate with state-of-the-art cinema setups and hard-hitting hi-fi systems.

For example, OZO Playback’s Stereo Widening feature uses intelligent processing to broaden the sound field for both loudspeaker and headphone playback, adding depth to the listener’s experience. It can also help reduce listening fatigue, a real benefit in a world full of online meetings and video calls.

Meanwhile Bass Enhancement means that the days of your smart device emitting a tinny bass sound are over. OZO technology creates virtual frequencies that seem lower than the device’s acoustics should be able to produce, allowing the phone to punch above its weight and deliver a resonant and heavy-hitting bottom line.

The trend for better audio playback is moving beyond smartphones too. The recent release of the Nokia T20 marked the first time a tablet device has been equipped with both OZO Audio and OZO Playback.

So, what’s next? The audio revolution for smart devices is only just beginning. We believe listening to professionally created and user-generated content will become more immersive and interactive. Innovations in sensor-driven head-tracking and advanced real-time processing are coming into play, making it possible to develop new types of use cases. Intelligent playback capabilities will smoothly adapt according to content type and listening environment. These enablers will be the building blocks of the next generation of playback.

Everything we do with Nokia OZO is about creating high quality audio capture and playback experiences. We are continuously developing the technological capabilities and can’t wait to make the content you create and listen to even more real and exciting. The sound of progress in smart device audio has never been more resonant than it is now!

In OZO, we invent and deliver leading audio and visual technologies for immersive and intelligent experiences. Learn more about the features here!

Kai Havukainen

About Kai Havukainen

Kai ‘Kaizu’ Havukainen is Head of Product in Nokia Technologies, overseeing the product roadmap and marketing activities of the company’s technology licensing business. Kai holds master’s degree in signal processing and 20 years of experience in Nokia. He has been working in various roles in Finland and the US, including audio engineering, business development, sales, and quality management. In his free time Kaizu enjoys building all sort of things out of wood and electronics.

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