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Sounds in sync with your surroundings with OZO Playback’s Adaptive Loudness

Sounds in sync with your surroundings with OZO Playback’s Adaptive Loudness

It’s Friday. The sun’s out. You put on that perfect song to bring on the good times. But just as you head out, the traffic noise drowns the chorus out and you have to reach back into your pocket to adjust the volume.

This is just one of life’s small annoyances. But that sequence doesn’t happen with OZO’s new Adaptive Loudness feature. Adaptive Loudness smartly adjusts the elements of audio playback that would otherwise be masked by external noise to ensure you hear everything in controlled and balanced levels. Similarly, when you head back into a more peaceful setting, the levels are smoothly lowered. Your music, podcast or audiobook remains audible as you move between noisy and quiet environments, all without you having to do a thing.

The obvious solution to external noise distraction has long been top-of-the-range headphones with active noise cancellation (ANC). But not everyone wants to spend premium prices and besides, it isn’t always safe to block out external sounds—traffic and street noise is often how we first recognize hazards or danger. Simply cranking up the volume isn’t a great option for similar reasons, as well as it being hard on your ears.

Adaptive Loudness processing happens in the phone and it smartly adapts the headphone playback according to noise conditions. Since the processing is device-based, it works with all headphones: wired, wireless and ANC. The algorithm is light and the feature is fully receptive to external factors, even when the phone is packed away in your pocket or bag.

Adaptive Loudness is all part of OZO Playback’s mission to elevate the listening experience to new levels through unprecedented clarity and richness. As we continually seek to innovate and improve our offering for manufacturers and end-users alike, you can discover more at

Kai Havukainen

About Kai Havukainen

Kai ‘Kaizu’ Havukainen is Head of Product in Nokia Technologies, overseeing the product roadmap and marketing activities of the company’s technology licensing business. Kai holds master’s degree in signal processing and 20 years of experience in Nokia. He has been working in various roles in Finland and the US, including audio engineering, business development, sales, and quality management. In his free time Kaizu enjoys building all sort of things out of wood and electronics.

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