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OZO Audio reaches new audiences and another first in the new ASUS ROG Phone 3 series

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When we first launched OZO, we had ambitions of our technology becoming the predominant audio solution in the market across a range of audiences and devices, whether it’s smartphones, consumer cameras or body cameras. And today, we’re thrilled to continue our progress on that vision.

With the recent launch of the ROG Phone 3 series, ASUS is the latest device maker to announce smartphones featuring OZO Audio. With this launch comes a whole new audience of users who will be able to experience the power of OZO Audio firsthand.

But, what makes the ROG phone a first is it’s the fullest implementation of OZO Audio to date. Typically, device manufacturers approach us to apply OZO technological expertise specifically alongside the device’s video capture capabilities. The benefit is the highest quality audio capture for all filming use cases. With ASUS, however, we took it a step further by applying OZO Audio as the standard across ALL recorded audio in the device. That means voice memos as well as voice messaging also benefit from OZO Audio’s superior audio capture capabilities. The end result is crystal clear, voice-only recordings, benefiting from features like Audio 3D, which enables superb spatial capture, and Audio Windscreen, an industry leader in filtering out wind noise.

Our collaboration with ASUS was productive right from the start and we developed a close rapport to create the best audio capture experience for their gamer-centric line of phones. By nature, gamers have stringent performance expectations and the ROG Phone (“ROG” stands for Republic of Gamers) is its most powerful smartphone launched this year. With a heavy focus on performance, ASUS sought audio capture technology capable of meeting the high-performance expectations their core audience demands.

The full implementation of OZO Audio is an added benefit to the younger ROG audience who is more apt to use voice messaging frequently, and a smart insight for ASUS to see the value in ensuring the highest quality audio experience across the board, not just for video recording.

We’re delighted with this latest collaboration and look forward to what we can achieve together on future projects.

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Jyri Huopaniemi

About Jyri Huopaniemi

Jyri Huopaniemi is Head of Technology Licensing at Nokia Technologies, working with the world's leading manufacturers to help them integrate Nokia’s audio and visual technology innovations such as OZO Audio into their devices. 

In his 20+ years with Nokia, Jyri has focused on developing and productizing breakthrough innovations in many roles from R&D and standardization to heading licensing business. He has actively contributed to multiple fields of digital media, including audio and imaging technologies, mobile platforms and immersive media solutions. His interests outside work include playing and recording music, mastering digital photography and spending time with his family.

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