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Private wireless for utilities

Make smart grids genius, maintenance predictive and savings light up, while simplifying it all.

Industrial-grade Private Wireless using LTE for utility FAN

Make your grid smarter today — and genius tomorrow 

Nokia’s leading range of private LTE wireless broadband and IP/MPLS solutions are being implemented worldwide to help utilities modernize and optimize power grids, and make them future-ready for new demands and business models. Increase reliability and efficiency, while simplifying management. With pervasive connectivity and unprecedented reach of sensors and data, reduce costly and unexpected asset failures and premature operational replacements with predictive maintenance. And to empower your innovation to peak levels, evolution to 5G is built right in.

  • Pervasive connectivity for digitalization and automation to improve productivity and maintain grid reliability with interconnection of growing distributed generation and storage 
  • Application-specific FAN convergence (such as SCADA, meter traffic backhaul, voice) for lifecycle cost reduction and greater flexibility 
  • Ability to combine LTE/5G and IP/MPLS in a solution to simplify operations by leveraging proven mission-critical WAN service, security and management environment to create a single, consistent communications environment that now extends to critical devices at grid edge
  • Cost-effective mission-critical connectivity, with the capacity to cope with growing data volumes while maintaining QoS
  • Improve field worker safety and efficiency with secure Push-to-Talk, Push-to-Video and advanced mobile applications

With Nokia’s state-of-the-art 4G wireless solutions today and 5G wireless solutions tomorrow, you don’t need to wait for 5G to power your digital transformation.

Wider, better communications

Deliver reliable, critical communications throughout your grid – establish an integrated, high performance network from transmission to distribution and beyond.  

Guaranteed coverage

Whether monitoring windfarm performance out at sea, solar production in an office park, or distribution assets in the middle of the city, with Nokia private wireless you are covered.

Empowering your future

Trust the 5G experts to deploy a private wireless network infrastructure that addresses today’s use cases and readies you for the 5G services of the near-future.


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"Nokia ranked as leader in industrial IoT Networking Solutions"

Guidehouse Insights Leaderboard Grid - Industrial IoT Networking Solutions Vendors (2Q 2021)

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Get the right mix of private and public networks 

A private LTE/4.9G network provides the pervasive connectivity you need to support critical applications within your industrial sites and field area networks. If you need regional, nationwide or global coverage, you can combine your private network with shared public network slices. Our solution interacts seamlessly with public LTE networks, which makes it easy to get the right network mix for your business.

Deploy a connectivity solution built for industries

With Nokia Digital Automation Cloud (DAC) and Modular Private Wireless (MPW), you get flexible end-to-end solutions that provides ubiquitous connectivity at your premises and across your field area networks. If required, you can extend connectivity nationwide or around the globe using mobile operators’ networks or the Nokia WING offering. You can also provide digital connectivity that consolidates every kind of data and uses AI and machine learning to optimize and automate your operations.

What can you do with a private wireless network?

  • Build a more agile business that can keep pace with shifting demand
  • Accelerate your digital transformation
  • Unlock new opportunities with the Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Provide reliable connectivity for your people, machines and sensors

With our Industrial-grade Private Wireless solutions – Nokia Digital Automation Cloud (DAC) and Modular Private Wireless (MPW) – you can realize your digital ambitions now and be prepared for whatever comes next.

The Nokia DAC and MPW solutions draw on cutting-edge cloud, machine learning and analytics platforms developed by the world-renowned researchers at Nokia Bell Labs. These innovations will give you the edge you need to succeed in the new age of industry.

Partner with a 4.9G/LTE and 5G leader 

We’re ready to use our decades of IP, optical and wireless experience to help you build a private wireless network that powers a successful digital transformation. Our references include:

  • 260+ enterprise customers have deployed Nokia private wireless solution globally in a variety of vertical segments
  • 400+ LTE networks for mobile operators that serve more than 75 percent of the world’s LTE subscribers  
  • 1,300+ mission-critical networks for a wide range of enterprises, including utilities, mines, airports, maritime ports, manufacturers and logistics companies

Power your digital transformation with private wireless

Our Industrial-grade Private Wireless solution lets you extend reliable, secure, low-latency connectivity to all your critical operations in real time. Learn how it can accelerate your digital transformation and help you keep pace with shifting markets and customer demands.

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