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Converged mission-critical private wireless and IP/MPLS FAN for power utilities

Extend connectivity to the grid edge for distribution automation and renewables, along with broadband for field force enablement

Use cases to realize full value from your FAN

A converged FAN offers a utility the ability to start with their unique set of legacy and new use cases, adding to them as they execute their digitalization and automation plans to realize the benefits of Industry 4.0.  

Typically, this is a combination of both legacy and new use cases for grid monitoring and control along with field force enablement.  

Prepare for the future of your smart grid    

Distribution automation (DA) to improve grid reliability, efficiency and agility with a solution that reliably delivers traffic for restoration and safety.

Distributed Energy Resources (DER) integration to monitor and control interconnection by using adaptable and sustainable processes to continuously deliver high quality power to everyone while realizing net zero emission goals.

The converged FAN solution safeguards both IP and Ethernet data traffic end-to-end, securing your network and use cases against cyber threats.

The Nokia FAN solution has advanced network capabilities for use cases with IEC 61850/GOOSE and peer-to-peer multipoint communications. It is a simple evolution to 5G when your use cases require it.

A converged private LTE and IP/MPLS FAN is a single communications platform that, today, can support use cases for OT and IT, IoT and launch new services and transformational business models. IP/MPLS prioritization and quality of service (QoS) enable utilities to optimize their use of scarce spectrum with support for multiple use cases while ensuring mission-critical traffic gets through.

Deploy a connectivity solution built for mission-critical communications

With Nokia private wireless, you get flexible end-to-end solutions that provide ubiquitous connectivity across your field area networks and within your sites. You can also provide digital connectivity that consolidates every kind of data and uses AI and machine learning to optimize and automate your operations.

With our 5G-ready solution, you can build and deploy private 4.9G/LTE and 5G networks for small to very large field area networks. It includes indoor and outdoor solutions that let you meet the connectivity and application demands of your Industry 4.0 strategy.

For critical devices and sites in field area networks, you can extend proven WAN IP/MPLS service, security and management with the Nokia 7705 SAR over LTE. This converged private LTE and IP/MPLS solution delivers a secure, reliable service with stringent QoS for mission-critical applications, along with seamless connectivity between wireless and wired devices.


This mission-critical private wireless network lets you:

  • Provide the capacity and scalability you need to securely connect grid devices, sensors, small sites and workers
  • Ensure that every application and user get the right network access, priority, and performance
  • Control and secure your proprietary data
  • Support current, and new digitalization and automation use cases
  • Leverage advanced 5G connectivity for your most demanding future use cases requiring ultra-low latency.


Address any need with a complete solution

The Nokia converged private LTE and IP/MPLS solution includes a radio access network, IP/MPLS, microwave radio and optical backhaul, a core optimized for mission-critical networks, and management solution along with ruggedized, industrial-grade user equipment and IP/MPLS routers to connect workers and grid devices. Edge compute capabilities can be added for delivering critical low-latency connectivity and high bandwidth required by emerging use cases. Professional services supplement your staff’s skills during planning, design, deployment and ongoing operations.

The result is a customized end-to-end solution that is matched with the appropriate spectrum to address your exact requirements.

Choose a deployment approach that meets your unique needs


Get the right mix of private and public networks 

A private LTE/4.9G network provides the pervasive connectivity you need to support critical applications within your field area networks and sites. If you need a redundant wireless path, you can combine your private network with shared public network slices. Public networks might initially be utilized to accelerate service availability while a private network is constructed. Our solution interacts seamlessly with public LTE networks, which makes it easy to get the right network mix for your business.


Extend connectivity

If required, you can extend connectivity nationwide or around the globe using mobile operators’ networks or the Nokia WING offering.

Key solution components

Radio access network

Nokia AirScale radio access provides efficient and scalable mobile network coverage and capacity for 4G and 5G with common single hardware, software, management and services. Powered by the Nokia unique ReefShark System on Chip (SoC) technology, it provides the performance and capacity, while ensuring compact form factors to address the range of power utility use cases.

Backhaul network

An integrated mix of IP/MPLS and microwave radio and optical transport embedded with cyber security and high availability mechanisms assure the upmost reliability for mission-critical traffic with an optimized solution.  End-to-end network orchestration, automation and optimization, enhance flexibility while simplifying operations.

Enterprise core

Our Enterprise packet core is optimized for mission-critical networks. This 4G/5G core includes a highly optimized footprint and operational requirements, along with streamlined deployment and support. Start today with 4.9G/LTE core that supports a clear path to 5G.

Operations and Management

Our private wireless solution includes a simple interface that makes it easy to operate and manage your end-to-end system. The interface also provides access to advanced configuration settings that let you fine-tune the performance of your network to meet the requirements of your applications.

Ruggedized user equipment

Unlock the power of private 4G/5G networks with ruggedized Nokia Industrial user equipment that includes compact handhelds, workpads, field routers, dongles, hotspots, a 5G video camera and accessories. Integrated device management supports seamless onboarding and operation.


You can expand the capabilities with Nokia or third-party applications. For example, you can reduce your reliance on LMR/PMR networks by using our Group Communications solutions to support critical PTT or PTV services on a 4.9G/LTE network. Additionally, Nokia’s solution supports a wide variety of industrial applications with the integration of Nokia’s MX Industrial Edge (MXIE) on premise edge cloud platform, Nokia Industrial Application Catalog contains click-to-deploy industrial applications to accelerate OT digitalization.

What can you do with a private wireless network?

  • Build a more agile business that can keep pace with shifting demand
  • Accelerate your digital transformation
  • Unlock new opportunities with the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)
  • Provide secure reliable connectivity for your grid devices, sensors, small sites and remote workers

With our converged mission-critical Private Wireless solutions – you can realize your digital ambitions now and be prepared for whatever comes next.

This solution draws on the cutting-edge technology developed by the world-renowned researchers at Nokia Bell Labs. These innovations will give you the edge you need to succeed in the new energy future.

Partner with a 4.9G/LTE and 5G leader

We’re ready to use our decades of IP, optical and wireless experience to help you build a private wireless network that powers a successful digital transformation. Our references include:


  • 500+ enterprise customers have deployed Nokia private wireless solution globally in a variety of vertical segments
  • 400+ LTE networks for mobile operators that serve more than 75 percent of the world’s LTE subscribers  
  • 1,300+ mission-critical networks for a wide range of enterprises, including utilities, mines, airports, maritime ports, manufacturers and logistics companies

Power your digital transformation with private wireless

Our converged mission-critical Private Wireless and IP/MPLS solution lets you extend reliable, secure, low-latency connectivity to all your critical operations in real time. Learn how it can accelerate your digital transformation and help you keep pace with shifting markets and customer demands.

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