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Nokia Group Communications

For mission- and business-critical communications

Nokia's Group Communications solution compliant with 3GPP based MC-PTx standard, enables industrial and public sector users with a rich set of industry-specific functions such as push-to-talk, push-to-video and alert messaging, improving operational efficiency and enhancing situational awareness in their operations.

Designed for mission-critical communications, the solution supports up to 100,000 PTT and PTV users per network instance, and scales to support regional and national needs such as public safety networks and other wide area network use cases. Via the distributed architecture country wide deployments can be also implemented with more network instances (from 100,000 to even one million users).

Nokia Group Communications is supported by Nokia Industrial and other ruggedized and commercial handsets and tablets, combined with client applications, dispatch console and device management tools 
for optimized ease of use, cost and communication excellence.



  • Aligned with 3GPP, supports MC-PTT standards
  • High capacity platform based on Nokia AirFrame Data Center solution
  • Includes a dispatch console with voice, video and mobile-CCTV features
  • Compelling range of secured and verified devices with pre-integrated push-to-talk and push-to-video features
  • End-to-end security at device, network and applications layers, including encryption at the application layer
  • The PTT/PTV application is compatible with any IP-based network such as Wi-Fi, 3G, and LTE
  • Comes with an optional recording server for archiving video and voice push-to-talk communications, useful for crime scene investigations
  • Optional geo-information server for location services and a call bridge server for a full duplex VoIP calling functionality

Features and benefits

For end-users

Enhanced situational awareness and operational efficiency

  • With integrated push to video & CCTV
  • Supported on a wide range of devices
  • Geo-information systems
  • Maps on dispatcher GUI and devices

High service availability

  • Compatible with 3G, Wi-Fi when LTE coverage is not available
  • Site and geo-redundancy
  • Recorded sessions can be replicated between sites

Secure communications

  • End-to-end encryption at application layer

Fast call setup time

  • End-to-end mouth to ear latency below 300ms

Traffic prioritization

  • Traffic prioritization of mission and business critical users (versus commercial users) - Public Safety QCIs - QoS policies enforcement

Compatible with LTE broadcasting

  • eMBMS interfaces support for multicast and broadcasting

For operators

Future-proof investment

  • Standard compliant solution aligned with 3GPP release 15
  • Can be integrated into any standard LTE network and with a large number of Android handsets, iOS will be supported in the near future.

Pay as you grow

  • Deployment options are available which allow a dynamic enhancement of the available subscriber capacity
  • One network instance can scale up to 100 000 users via additional server hardware.

New revenue opportunities*

  • New services using video and data for mission and business critical markets
  • Customers can "re-sell' access to Nokia Group Communications (tenants management)

Security for voice, data and video applications

  • E2E encryption with pre-integrated client in device and HW/SW security at device

Interworking with legacy LMR/PMR networks (TETRA, P25)

  • Nokia Group Communications supports IWF standard interfaces

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