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Impact IoT platform

Complete, integrated management for the future of IoT

The Internet of Things will lead the next industrial wave. The Nokia IMPACT IoT platform has been designed to seize the opportunities our connected world will bring.

With IMPACT, service providers, enterprises and governments can capture more customers, develop new business models, and differentiate their competitive position in the market.

IMPACT offers a secure, standards based, simplified IoT platform on which to build and scale new IoT services.

  • Industry leading device management with over 1.5 billion devices managed and a device certification program
  • Management of a wide array of IP based protocols and non-IP based Low Power WAN protocols, including NBIOT and LoRa
  • Analytics driven NetGuard Endpoint Security that prevents infections via security analytics and threat intelligence
  • An IoT Community that works with you to explore new business models
  • Modular approach that addresses connectivity and device management, application development, event processing, data collection, and data contextualization

IMPACT can help you retain the value of today's infrastructure and meet near-term business needs. Yet, it is flexible enough to enable tomorrow's technologies and services.

Explore our solution briefs for more details on the capabilities of Nokia IMPACTNokia IMPACT Scene Analytics and Smart Cities Applications.



Comprehensive Solution

IMPACT offers a flexible migration path to optimize connectivity, networks and operations to support emerging technologies and evolving needs. With our solution, you can grow capabilities, ease deployments and access IoT opportunities in varied markets and applications.


Security is available at all layers of the IMPACT platform. This enables network-based cognitive security analytics, protecting user privacy and allowing quick reactions to anomalies with fast over-the-air security updates.

A Single, Simplified Platform

With IMPACT, you get a single, integrated, standards-based platform that can move you from M2M through to IoT quickly. Deployments for new applications are easy and operations are simplified, so you can bring multiple applications onto a single platform and scale as opportunities arise.

Strategic Value

Access Nokia's deep partner networks from the IoT community and broader alliance partnerships to build sustainable new business and revenue models and identify new ways to improve the customer experience and lower costs.

Case studies

IMPACT can be used in many applications helping to drive business value. Here are a few examples of how IMPACT is helping shape a connected world.

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