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5G Monetization strategies for CSPs

5G technologies will transform your network

5G is set to be revolutionary. It is the first mobile technology designed for machines and systems in addition to people. To that end, 5G enabled networks need to be designed from an end-to-end perspective, beyond mobile access. Only then will your network perform at scale, adapt at pace and unlock new revenue streams. After all, you want your network to deliver the most value.

Trends are showing that 5G is rolling out faster than any previous generation of mobile networks, which means  5G is ready for business. But is every business is ready for 5G? Check out our article to find out what still needs to happen to realize the full potential of 5G.

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Do you know how 5G will spark demand? We do.

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5G architecture – get every part of your network ready

5G networks are critical for seamlessly connecting people, businesses, machinery, and automated processes. 5G only works if every part of your network architecture is ready: across fixed and wireless massive scale access, transport and core. After all, your network is only as fast as its slowest link.

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Network security is required everywhere and managed proactively

5G will see more devices, people and enterprises connected than ever before with trillions of end points delivering data – all of which need to be secured. Networks will require more sophisticated and automated security built into their DNA from end-to-end. Applying AI and automation to monitor and manage your network can protect your business and customers from any vulnerabilities and attacks – maintaining the trust in your service.

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Gear up for services and go beyond connectivity with Network Slicing

With end-to-end network slicing, differentiated services can be offered on the same network infrastructure with guaranteed SLAs, creating a sizable opportunity. As the underlying virtualized 5G networks become more complex, automation is essential to operate at scale to contain costs. And an open environment is critical to enable new industry partners to develop new services and drive revenue. After all, you want to capture a piece of the slicing opportunity - in a profitable way.

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Harnessing the Flexibility of Distributed Cloud in Uncertain Times

Economic conditions will change. Here's what you need to do, so that you can use the E2E Distributed Cloud to shift markets and scale.

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With your 5G deployment you can serve more customers

5G technology will handle the complexity of many more use cases – enabling your business to serve customers beyond consumers. With a secure, cloud-native end-to-end network, enabled by network slicing, your business is ready for industrial-scale performance. And, with added layers of AI and automation providing zero-touch, end-to-end 5G will offer excellent revenue growth opportunities.

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Grow your 5G business

5G will be extraordinary - for every industry, every business and every experience. Explore how to monetize your 5G investment and capture the opportunities of this new era.


Unlock the potential of remote machinery

Machines and their human operators can be in perfect sync thanks to 5G

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