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IoT for smart cities

Efficiently deliver and manage smart city services


Cities are seeing unprecedented growth, bringing major challenges as they seek to remain sustainable, healthy and safe places for people to live and work.

The Internet of Things (IoT) offers new opportunities for cities to use data to manage traffic, cut pollution, make better use of infrastructure and keep citizens safe.

To help cities make the most of the digital opportunities, Nokia has launched “IoT for Smart Cities”, a fully integrated modular and scalable framework to efficiently deliver and manage smart city services. This enables operators and master systems integrators (MSI’s) to take advantage of unified smart city management, while unlocking new revenue streams by rapidly launching new smart city services addressing city council needs. The ‘fully integrated’ approach fulfils the vital requirement of a connected landscape that is shared, secure and scalable - where every ‘thing’ can talk to each other to make tomorrow’s cities smart, safe and sustainable.

Nokia’s Integrated Operations Center (IOC) orchestrates all smart city operations for enhanced efficiency, faster responsiveness and improved decision making . Tailor-made, modular end to end solutions combine finely tuned elements across connectivity, platforms, analytics, applications, devices, subsystems and security layers, ensuring the right mix for each city’s needs.



The industry’s most comprehensive E2E connectivity portfolio across Radio (licensed/unlicensed), Core and Transport brings the connected smart city to life

The fully integrated Nokia approach brings unified management for smart city operations, enables quick launch of new services and facilitates cross-application analytics and automated actions

Nokia’s Integrated Operations Center (IOC) orchestrates all smart city operations for efficient management, improved decision making and enhanced response

Blueprint Use cases include Video solutions, Smart Lighting, Smart Parking, Smart Waste Management and Environment Sensing

Smart city innovations are rapidly brought to market through Nokia’s partner ecosystem and IoT community program

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