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Meet Amulya, a Team Manager from India


A conversation with Amulya: an insightful journey at Nokia

Meet Amulya, a Team Manager at Nokia India. In this short interview, we delve into her career journey, her impressions of Nokia, and her experiences within the company. It's a tale of personal growth, professional development, and making strides in the world of technology at Nokia.


Q: So, Amulya, can you start by telling us a bit about yourself? What's your name, job title, and when did you join Nokia?

Amulya: Sure! I'm Amulya, and my journey with Nokia began in 2010 when I joined the former Alcatel-Lucent team, which is now part of Nokia. Currently, I'm a Team Manager for the MN Customer Documentation team Aquarius.

Q: That's quite a journey! Could you share more about how your career has evolved at Nokia? Have you been with the company for a while, and have you had the chance to work in different countries or on various projects?

Amulya: Absolutely. I started as an Associate Information Developer at Alcatel-Lucent, where I began my career as a technical writer. From there, I've had the opportunity to work on some diverse projects. I've worked on projects like Femto, Wireless Provision System (WPS), GSM, FlexiPlatform, FHGW, and more. It's been quite a journey! I've been with Nokia in Bangalore all along.

Q: Joining through a merger and acquisition is always interesting. What was your first impression of Nokia, and what motivated you to become a part of it?

Amulya: My path to Nokia came through the merger with Alcatel-Lucent, and I was genuinely excited about the endless possibilities and opportunities that came with being part of a global technology company like Nokia.

Q: Can you walk us through your role at Nokia and the primary responsibilities you have within the company?

Amulya: Sure, I currently serve as a Team Manager for the CuDo organization. My responsibilities include team engagement, coordinating with R&D for technology training, skills assessment of team members, project progress tracking, resource allocation, and even getting involved in hiring activities. Essentially, I keep an eye on team growth and well-being, ensuring we uphold CuDo standards and guidelines.

Q: That sounds like a pretty comprehensive role. Can you share a key accomplishment or a project that you're particularly proud of during your time at Nokia?

Amulya: Certainly! When I took over as CuDo Project Manager for GSM, we were facing quality challenges and customer escalations. It was a demanding situation, but I'm proud to say we successfully drove improvement initiatives and resolved those escalations. I received recognition from the Product Manager, Rajiv Upadhyay, for my efforts. In addition, I received the Nokia Woman Achiever of the Year award in 2017 and the StrongHer award in 2019.

Q: That's impressive! How has Nokia supported your professional development through training, mentorship, or growth opportunities?

Amulya: Nokia offers fantastic training content with well-structured modules. I've benefited from leadership training, mentorship programs, and women's talent programs. These resources have significantly contributed to my knowledge and skills development, which is crucial for success in ever-evolving roles.

Q: In any career, challenges are bound to arise. Can you share some challenges you've faced during your time at Nokia and the valuable lessons you've learned from them?

Amulya: Challenges are a part of any role, from adapting to new projects to handling customer escalations and the changes that come with mergers and acquisitions. The key lesson I've learned is that growth often comes from stepping out of your comfort zone and learning from experiences. It's important to remember that challenges are part of the journey, and having a supportive team and manager makes a world of difference.

Amulya and her team

Q: Team dynamics and workplace culture are essential for a productive work environment. Can you share insights into your team dynamic and workplace culture at Nokia and how it contributes to your daily experience?

Amulya: Team dynamics and workplace culture at Nokia are indeed fantastic. We work together to make thoughtful decisions and foster a welcoming and professional environment. It's a place where I've always felt encouraged to share my ideas freely. What's remarkable is that everyone is more than willing to offer support, and it's truly a team effort.

Q: Can you describe how your roles have evolved over time and the opportunities and advancements you've taken within the company?

Amulya: Certainly, my roles have evolved over time. I began as an Associate Information Developer and progressed to Information Developer and Senior Information Developer. With the Nokia merger, I transitioned to roles like Local Product Owner, Area Product Owner, and now Team Manager. Each role has brought its own set of challenges and learnings, making me more confident and resilient.

Amulya and her team

Q: Your contributions seem to have had a significant impact on the company. How do you feel your work has impacted the success of Nokia, and how does it impact people on a day-to-day basis?

Amulya: In all my roles, I believe I've contributed significantly to the success of projects and the organization as a whole. Our team enhances the user experience by making information more usable, accessible, and accurate. CuDo is a critical customer deliverable that directly influences a company's product quality. I'm proud to be a part of that.

Q: It's clear that your values align well with Nokia's culture. Can you share how your personal values align with Nokia's values?

Amulya: I've always been open to embracing change and learning from my mistakes. I believe in continuous upskilling and that there's always something more to learn, empowering us to make the right decisions for personal growth and success.

Amulya and her team

Q: Maintaining a healthy work-life balance is crucial. How do you achieve this balance, and how has Nokia supported you in this aspect? And while we're at it, tell us about your hobbies too!

Amulya: Maintaining a work-life balance is not just about splitting time equally, but about feeling fulfilled in both areas. Nokia's flexibility, especially work from home possibility, allows me to excel at work while taking care of my personal well-being. As for hobbies, I love traveling and experiencing new cultures, places, and food. I'm a fitness enthusiast, enjoying activities like running, swimming, and scuba diving, and I've recently started taking golf lessons. Of course, spending time with family and friends is equally important to me.Q: Can you recall any memorable moments, events, or interactions that have had a lasting impression on your career journey at Nokia?

Amulya: All the interactions and experiences have been steppingstones in my journey, providing me with numerous learnings.

Q: It's always nice to express gratitude. Is there anyone you'd like to thank in this interview who has supported you in your career journey? Mentors, colleagues, friends, or family, perhaps?

Amulya: I'm truly grateful to my family, immediate team, managers, mentors, tribe leaders, and all the people I've had the opportunity to work with. They've played a significant role in my journey.

Q: Thank you for sharing your journey and insights, Amulya. It's been a pleasure talking to you today!