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Meet Karolina,
an Operational Manager from Poland


A conversation with Karolina: my journey at Nokia

Welcome to a captivating conversation with Karolina Binek, an Operation Manager in Mobile Networks RF Radio Control Tribe at Nokia. In this discussion, we will explore Karolina's career journey, her experiences, and her profound contributions to Nokia.


Q: Karolina, let's start by introducing yourself. Could you please share your name, job title, and the year you joined Nokia? 

Karolina: Of course, I'm Karolina Binek, and I joined Nokia in 2015. 

Q: Karolina, we're eager to learn about your career journey with Nokia. Could you describe your experiences, including your initial joining and any work in multiple countries? 

Karolina: My journey with Nokia began in 2015 as a team assistant/project support. In 2016, I had the opportunity to work closely with the TC office as TC project manager. At the beginning of 2022, I decided to return to the business side to expand my knowledge and become an Ops Manager. Throughout my time at Nokia, I've been based in Wroclaw. 

Q: When you joined Nokia in 2015, what was your first impression, and what motivated you to choose Nokia as your workplace? 

Karolina: Initially, I felt a bit lost, having never worked in a corporation before. However, I quickly discovered that Nokia was a place where people were very friendly and willing to help. I chose Nokia for its flexible working hours and proximity to my home, which eliminated the need for a long commute. Additionally, I was drawn to the Finnish culture, which I found to be the best to work with.

Q: Can you describe your current job role and the primary responsibilities you hold within the company? 

Karolina: In my role, I serve as a resource manager, overseeing the PPM tool and employee allocations while supporting the TM. I also work as an HC Planner, monitoring and tracking changes in cooperation with the R&D Director and applying the necessary processes in Web Tracker to ensure accurate data. Additionally, I maintain efficient communication flow through tools like SPO and Yammer (viva engage). 

Q: Could you highlight a key accomplishment, successful projects, or significant milestones achieved during your time at Nokia? 

Karolina: Certainly, I've had the opportunity to organize the winter party three times in a row for the entire Wroclaw site, which comprised 3,000-4,000 employees at that time. I've been involved in the Women Talent Program, with the visit of Niko Lalu in Wroclaw. I was selected to be a European Work Council representative for Poland, and I'm part of the support team for the MN Women Talent Program. 

Q: How has Nokia supported your professional development through training, mentorship, or growth opportunities? 

Karolina: Nokia's global presence provides significant opportunities for professional development. Being a part of organizations like the Social Fund and EWC has allowed me to increase my visibility and, more importantly, help others. This is a major avenue for growth. 

Q: Have you faced any challenges during your time at Nokia, and what have you learned from them? 

Karolina: The main challenge I've encountered is the size of the Wroclaw site. Understanding the various BU/DU and the people within them was initially challenging.

Q: Tell us about your team dynamics, workplace culture, and how this contributes to your daily experience.

Karolina: Currently, my team is a diverse group consisting of individuals in different positions and varying ages, from 20 to 50 years old. This diversity creates an environment where I can interact with a wide range of people and continually learn.


Q: How have your roles evolved over time, and what opportunities and advancements have you pursued within the company?

Karolina: My journey has evolved from starting as a team assistant/project coordinator to becoming a TC project manager, and now an Ops Manager. I've taken advantage of opportunities like being a Social Fund member, an EWC member, and being part of the MN Women Talent program support team.

Q: How do you feel your work has impacted the success of the company, and how does it affect people in their day-to-day lives?

Karolina: While my role doesn't involve engineering or development, I believe my work does impact people's daily lives. In my additional roles, such as being a Social Fund member or EWC member, I can provide assistance, share information, offer support, and provide a kind word to colleagues.

Q: How do your personal values align with Nokia’s?

Karolina: My personal values of being open, fearless, and empowered align with Nokia's culture, and I carry these values with me in all aspects of my life.

Q: Share your thoughts on maintaining a healthy work-life balance and how the company supports this aspect. Also, tell us about your hobbies.

Karolina: My hobbies include tending to a small garden, where I plant fruits and vegetables. Additionally, my daughters are my greatest hobby. Spending time with my family is what helps me maintain a healthy work-life balance.

Q: Can you recall memorable moments, events, or interactions that left a lasting impression on your career journey?

Karolina: Some memorable moments include organizing my first integration event, which included orienteering, a football match, and karaoke, leading to my first Recognize Excellence recognition. Another memorable event was the Christmas/winter party that I organized. During this event, I decided to be an angel flying down from the sky despite my fear of heights. This brought amusement and laughter to the participants and became a memorable event for our employees.


Q: Is there anyone you would like to express gratitude to in this conversation who has played a significant role in your career journey?

Karolina: I'd like to express my gratitude to Edyta Gorecka, my first Team Manager who hired me. Bartosz Ciepluch, the previous TC Head, who believed in my ability to cooperate with the entire Wroclaw TC. Barbara Kraszkiewicz, my soulmate who is always there when I need help or advice. Iwona Urbanska, a treasure trove of knowledge. And last but not least, my husband Dariusz Binek, who supports me in everyday life and is my rock.

Q: Is there anything else you'd like to add to this conversation that you believe is an important part of your story?

Karolina: I'd like to express my heartfelt thanks for recognizing me. This recognition means a great deal to me and truly fuels my journey.

Q: We appreciate your insights, Karolina, and your journey at Nokia is truly inspiring. We wish you continued success.

Karolina: Thank you!