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Putting our people at the heart of everything we do

What better way to kick off 2022 than with a bold new people strategy that puts Nokia’s people firmly at the heart of everything we do? With a strong focus on growth, skills and development it will help us to establish and maintain outstanding technology leadership. Our new people strategy will help us deliver on our company’s purpose: At Nokia, we create technology that helps the world act together. It outlines and commits to the key priorities, measures and actions we intend to take over the next few years to become a purpose-driven company, creating an environment in which people not only work, but thrive. 

As one of the first initiatives focused on bringing our people strategy to life, we will introduce two new global employee benefit policies this year. These extend support that already exists in some countries to all our people worldwide, turning the benefits that some employees enjoy into a global minimum standard for all.

To implement our new people strategy, we’re intending to launch a series of key priorities, measures and actions over the next three to five years, including to:   

  • Develop careers and opportunities for growth that support the skills of the future, harnessing Nokia’s powerful global reach to build talent, and generate human energy for change.
  • Support all people with leaders who care and deeply understand what it means to lead, influence, and inspire others in their work.
  • Empower flexible, hybrid working arrangements to enable Nokia employees to do their best work.
  • Encourage people to live their lives to the fullest by supporting employee volunteering and community engagement.
  • Foster teams with people from all walks of life, with unique ways of thinking and problem solving, creating an inclusive and highly innovative environment where everyone feels valued and safe to be themselves and share their ideas.
  • Ensure that everyone is physically and psychologically safe – freeing people to focus on building trusted partnerships with colleagues, customers, and other stakeholders.
  • Remove barriers to growth – replacing unnecessary bureaucracy, red tape and process orientation with simplification, co-created solutions, and a focus on outcomes

Global ‘New Child Leave’ Policy

This new policy provides all new parents with a minimum of 90 calendar days (3 calendar months) paid family leave and a right to return for up to one year from the date of birth or adoption.*

Furthermore, our commitment to inclusion makes this policy eligible to any Nokia employee regardless of gender and will support births and adoptions. Lastly, to support the return to work of our Nokia parents, a variety of resources will be made available to improve the transition back to work as part of our “Come Back with Confidence” Initiative


Global Life Insurance

We want to help our employees provide a level of support and peace-of-mind to their families and loved ones. With the impacts of COVID-19 felt by all our employees, Nokia has committed to roll-out a global wide policy providing Life Insurance to every single employee. This will ensure that the loved ones of any Nokia employee who dies will receive financial support of not less than one year’s capped gross annual base salary**.


We encourage you to bookmark this page and look for other exciting benefits and programs launching to our Nokia employees. If you are ready to enjoy these benefits and more as part of being a member of our Nokia team, search and apply to our open opportunities today.

*This policy/benefit will be rolled out globally with various start dates based on country. Ask your recruiter for more information about this program’s availability at your location. Countries where available maternity/paternity/adoption/parental benefits exceed this program will not be impacted. Be sure to inquire with your Nokia recruiter on the availability of this benefit in your location.

*** This policy/benefit will be rolled out globally with various start dates based on country. There will be a maximum limit on the value of annual gross base salary for purposes of this policy. Employees with local life insurance benefits more than this policy will not be impacted. Be sure to inquire with your Nokia recruiter on the availability of this benefit in your location.