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We create the technology to connect the world

Nokia people

Nokia Technologies is the innovation engine for Nokia focused on unlocking new possibilities, new products and new business categories that enhance our lives. 

We call ourselves TECH and we’re passionate thought leaders, innovators and visionaries, spread across the globe with offices in the United States, Europe and Asia. We bring our diverse set of talent and experience to bear with a single goal in mind - to enable technologies designed to bring the human family closer together.

Building upon our heritage as a globally admired leader in mobile phones is only a part of this mission. We’re pioneering virtual reality by creating technologies that enable immersive experiences that transcend borders and enable rich interactions that allow us to feel more together. We’re reinventing health with the goal to make vast improvements in collective health by unlocking the potential of connected devices and apps that empower people to make meaningful changes to improve their lives. 

Nokia is a global technology leader at the heart of our connected world.

Care to change the world with us? 

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