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NOKIA : SDNbucks chooses Nokia's Nuage Networks to power SciSports' cloud-based data analytics service for professional soccer organizations around the world

Press Release

  • SciSports' sports data intelligence engine, BallJames, collects, analyzes and presents accurate on-the-pitch data in real-time on the performance of all soccer players, the ball and the referees
  • SciSports product portfolio consists of the sport tracking application, BallJames; player recruitment platform, Insight; and cloud-based sports data intelligence API services - all of which demand a high-performance, secure and reliable network
  • Nuage Networks SD-WAN 2.0 provides the deployment flexibility to link sports stadiums, remote offices and the public cloud over redundant high-speed internet links using both virtual and physical customer premise equipment (CPEs)

15 Jan 2019

Espoo, Finland - Nokia today announced that its Nuage Networks SD-WAN 2.0 solution has been chosen by managed service provider, SDNbucks, to provide fully managed connectivity for SciSports, a professional sports data intelligence company focused on using advanced deep learning and computer vision technologies to improve professional sports and enrich the fan experience. The SD-WAN 2.0 solution interconnects sports stadiums, research and data centers, and the cloud-based application engine hosted on Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

The SciSports real-time sports data intelligence engine, BallJames, gathers, analyzes and presents accurate on-the-pitch data. Using video feeds from live games, BallJames leverages computer vision technologies and advanced deep learning algorithms to evaluate and report the performance of the players in real-time and enrich applications used by professional clubs, the media and sports fans.

As part of its service to professional soccer organizations, BallJames captures live high-definition video footage using multiple cameras situated around a stadium, tracking movement of all players, the ball and the referees. The video streams are carried by SDNbucks' SD-WAN 2.0 network to SciSports' offices, research and data centers, and to Google Cloud Platform (GCP), where an analytics engine processes the data in real-time. The analyzed data is available to the coaching staff during the game to assess tactics, while web and TV fans can view next-generation stats as they enjoy the game. In addition, SciSports offers the sophisticated Insight platform, a fully automated data intelligence solution. The platform provides direct access to machine learning algorithms, which quantify the quality and potential of over 90,000 professional soccer players in the world. By suggesting viable transfer targets and recognizing talent at a young age, it supports football experts in expanding their scouting scope.

SDNbucks uses the Nokia Nuage Networks SD-WAN 2.0 solution to meet SciSports' stringent service-level targets by providing seamless connectivity from cameras to the cloud over a high-speed internet connection, using combinations of virtual and physical CPEs. The Nuage Networks SD-WAN 2.0 solution leverages network intelligence to identify network performance issues that will trigger the dynamic steering of video streams to alternate links. All feeds are micro-segmented and encrypted; SciSports has full visibility and control of each video and data feed using the Nuage Networks SD-WAN portal.

The SDNbucks high-availability hosting center accommodates all the essential multi-tenant elements of the Nuage Networks SD-WAN platform that are used for orchestration, management and control, with other components deployed at SciSports' sites and at the Google Cloud, such as the Nuage Networks Network Services Gateway (NSG) uCPE and vCPE deployments.

Wouter Roosenburg, CTO of SciSports, said: "SciSports hired SDNbucks to set up their network because of the company's extensive experience in the networking space and deep knowledge of the newest technologies available in the market, which are required for a state-of-the art solution like BallJames. Furthermore, the pragmatic and hands-on approach was highly valued to make things work in tight time schedules."

Niek van der Ven, CEO of SDNbucks, said: "We are very excited to work with SciSports to make their Balljames service a reality. It has the potential to change the way soccer teams manage their rosters and plan their in-game strategies and tactics. The Nokia Nuage Networks SD-WAN 2.0 solution has also been a game-changer for us, enabling us to provide a simple, secure solution that meets all of SciSports' stringent requirements with ease."

Sunil Khandekar, founder and CEO of Nuage Networks, said: "The SciSports service is part of a first wave of applications using AI and machine learning to revolutionize all aspects of human life. Paired with cloud services, this exciting application showcases how our SD-WAN 2.0 solution can provide the dynamic, highly automated and secure platform that these kinds of applications require. Partnering with SDNbucks has been critical to this win and demonstrates the importance of managed service providers to the deployment of SD-WAN in the future."


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