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Fiber broadband explained

Fiber broadband explained

31 July 2023


The gold standard for broadband networks is fiber, projected to reach one billion homes by 2025.

Fiber broadband is the great infrastructure story of the 2000s, just as the railroads and electricity grids were for the last two centuries. Fiber has almost unlimited capacity to increase speeds, the cables themselves will last decades and the technology is by far the most energy-efficient.

We all know that working and studying from home is impossible without high-speed broadband networks, but the same networks can be used by businesses, schools and hospitals.

These short films explain how fiber broadband works, why they keep getting faster and why they are so efficient.

Explaining the limitless speeds for fiber broadband

Fiber is by far the fastest of all broadband technologies. With 10 gigabit per second networks now commonplace and 25 gigabit per second networks on their way, speeds are only ever going to increase. Here’s why.

Fiber broadband’s low energy consumption credentials

Rarely is the fastest also the greenest, but with fiber it is indeed the case. Here’s how durability and design contribute to the energy-efficiency of fiber broadband.

How fiber broadband networks are used for more than residential broadband

Initially deployed to connect homes to the Internet, fiber now connects our businesses, schools and hospitals. Here’s how ever-increasing capacity, programmability and automation make this possible

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